On The Shelf Books is born

crbg_k8xyairzyt BookBlogger always sounded so ‘official’…

I’ve always loved books. I’ve followed lots of Bookbloggers for a long time – enjoying their recommendations and insights into the latest must-reads and hidden treasures that they’ve shared. But I never considered myself as an actual Bookblogger. Until now…

I’ve been blogging on @Netgalley for a while now as an Educator. I enjoyed keeping up with what my pupils might be reading and reviewing on there was a lot of fun. But those of you who use Netgalley know, it’s like crack cocaine for a bibliophile and I was constantly tempted by the latest releases and their beautiful jackets calling my name. So I’ve done it. I’ve watched a few @Wordpress tutorials and I’m diving in.

Thanks to the lovely Bookblogging and publishing community on Twitter this hasn’t been too daunting. It’s honestly been so welcoming and exciting to be included in such a diverse, interesting and eclectic gang. It’s fantastic to be able to communicate directly with the writers you’re reading and share your thoughts and ideas in such a dynamic space.

@OnTheShelfBooks takes its name from the way that I always display my latest book purchases on the ‘Bookshelf’ or ‘Shrine’ as Mr OnTheShelf – my husband – has nicknamed it. It takes pride of place in my living room and is a daily visual reminder of the next treat in store. Less a TBR pile, more a Virtual Bookshop Window in my own front room.

It’s been very exciting to put my two #Bookmail deliveries up as I’ve received two review copies from lovely publishing people this week during half-term. I’m an English teacher by day (but don’t let that put you off…)

Yesterday’s post was from @Canongate. I was beyond excited that such an amazing publisher that I’ve been such a huge fan of for years was sending me a book to review. It was also very exciting to have a conversation via Twitter with the lovely @JessKiddHerself about my reading nook blending in with her beautiful book jacket. I am so engrossed in #HIMSELF that I could barely tear myself away to type up these few words…


Today, I was just as excited to receive a package from the lovely people at @CorvusBooks containing The Last Night by @CescaWrites. I loved ‘The Silent Hours’ and I’m so excited to indulge myself during the rest of half term reading these fabulous books



The books I love most take situations and make them real. I have a real predilection for historical, dramatic novels and I’m a sucker for anything inspired by real events or characters. I almost always go off, after finishing a novel, to do a sort of ‘backwards research’ into the time period, background, characters and newspapers of the time. I can get lost for days down virtual rabbit warrens and it does lead to many unforgettable ‘non sequiteurs’ at the dining table as the family are enjoying their tea.

I live in Scotland and am passionate about Scottish writing and try and champion it as much as possible. I also feel that we Scots are ‘Citizens of the World’ in our outlook and that makes me want to read about as many different places and periods as possible too.

I hope that I haven’t gone on for far too long in my first post. I’ll sign off by giving a #Shoutout to all of the people who have been so welcoming to me in my baby steps as a ‘Rookie Bookblogger’

@GMacraeBurnet and @SarabandBooks for replying to my tweets about #HisBloodyProject and making me think I could do it!


@francescamain and @flintwrites for being so lovely about my #LittleDeaths obsession


@portybelle for welcoming me so kindly to join her at the Edinburgh Authors & Bloggers. I hope I can make it along in November and get some tips from some ‘real’ Bloggers…

@Beckyh1712 from @TransworldBooks for being so kind to such a novice and promising to send me a #BloggerEdition of ‘What Alice Knew’ by T.A. Cottrell


@VictoriaGoldma2 and @EmilyKitchin for taking time out of their very busy days to reply to me and making me feel included and welcome in the Bookblogging community

@Emily_BookPR  for all her great tweets and promising me a copy of ‘What We Didn’t Say’.  I really appreciate it as a Rookie…


@Anna_Mazz for making me smile so much at ‘Miss Vagia’ – and also see a nastier side to Twitter when she was forced to take it down – boo! I absolutely love her writing and have given ‘The Unseeing’ as a prezzie to at least five people. Her Mr Men tweet made my day 🙂

@Blackbird_Bks for sorting out my online copy of “Valentina”– which I’m really looking forward to reading; it looks right up my street.


@fluerr @Hodderbooks who is going to let me see if #TheRoanokeGirls is as tactile in real life as it is on my ipad screen


@damppebbles and @Thelastword1962 for being proper inspirational ‘actual bloggers’ and making me feel part of the community even after I got my tweet wrong the first time 😦

Sam @Bookgig for liking my use of ‘Clamjamfrae’ and appreciating my links about Scottish bookish events

The real ‘Jill’ @JillsBookCafe for our Mariella & Graham Norton chat

And last but not least, the lovely Karen Sullivan from @OrendaBooks for chatting with us on Twitter about her publications and promising to send me some very exciting #Bookmail,it looks like she’s had an amazing time in Frankfurt.


Lots of reviews percolating. Can’t wait to properly begin my Blogging journey as a real reviewer. Thanks so much to everyone who has made my first week as a blogger so welcoming, fun and exciting.


@OnTheShelfBooks xx

Reviews Coming Soon:

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