The Six Gifts: Part 1; Book Birthday

Delighted to celebrate the #SixGifts Book Birthday today of Part I – Secrets on the blog today. If you enjoy books that explore inner journeys and ask you to think more deeply about life, then you’ll adore this slice of magical realism from Colorado’s Christie K. Kelly.


Thank you to Andrea Kiliany Thatcher from Smith Publicity for inviting me to celebrate the book birthday of this exciting new read alongside her.


Front book cover - Secrets.jpg

At some point, we all question why we’re here on this planet, in this life. Our searching protagonist, Olivia Alfieri has more reason than most to ask these, as she racks up near death experiences and clearly clairvoyant visions.

Make room in your schedule for some self-reflection, and frantic page-turning, when you pick up Christie K. Kelly’s, The Six Gifts Part I: Secrets [Bruce Farr Creative Publishing, April 11,  2019].

It is in the aftermath of her most recent face-off with mortality that we meet Olivia and her broodingly handsome husband Marco. To recover from their ordeal, they escape to a secluded home on a mountain in Vermont.

But this seclusion doesn’t bring Olivia the peace and healing for which she strives. Recurring dreams – or are they more than that? – and shocking news from an old friend galvanize Olivia into action and a cross-country trip that brings more questions than answers.

“This fictional series is woven from true life events,” explains Kelly. “Though it expands into a universe we can only imagine, who’s to say what can happen and what can’t?”

Writing this book served as an emotional catalyst and catharsis that translates through the character of Olivia. Kelly hopes that Oliva’s story of facing her past will inspire other women to do the same.

“The idea that our fate is predestined and that we’re each part of a grander scheme is seductive,” she says. “I’d like the reader to connect with Olivia and her urgent mission to identify her purpose for being alive because I think many people feel a similar sense of searching.”

Fans of Alice Hoffman and Jodi Picoult will love the all-consuming desires and strange, haunting phenomena that lend Secrets its magic.

 Writer On The Shelf


Christie K. Kelly was born and raised in Colorado, where much of The Six Gifts takes place. She has a degree in accounting and devoted most of her career to that field. In 2001, she turned her attention to the family business for which she is still a trusted advisor and Controller.


Kelly is also a creative: a painter, a writer and the creative director for her company’s marketing department. Mostly she is a seeker, and a kindred spirit to anyone who asks ‘why?’,


The Six Gifts Part I: Secrets will be released in April 2019,

Buy yourself a copy here if you are intrigued to find out more about Olivia’s journey.


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