The Home Bar Guide to Tropical Cocktails: A Spirited Journey Through Suburbia’s Hidden Tiki Temples

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A Spirited Journey Through Suburbia’s Hidden Tiki Temples

Come and explore suburbia’s hidden tiki temples with Kelly and Tom, and sample more than 150 of their original tropical cocktails.

These fabulous recipes are the result of the couple’s time spent bartending at home tiki bars during the craft cocktail revolution.

Discover their unique riffs on tropical classics as well as original concoctions, plus recipes for home-made syrups, including ancho chilli, lemongrass, sesame, hibiscus and more.

Every cocktail recipe has been crowd-tested at home bars across the USA and is accompanied by full-page photos, artwork by Tiki Tony, and glamour shots of some of the coolest home tiki bars around.

The most exciting and glamorous cocktail book in years is The Home Bar Guide to Tropical Cocktails: A Spirited Journey Through Suburbia’s Hidden Tiki Temples which is the culmination of decades of work by Southern California mixologist Kelly “Hiphipahula” Reilly who co-wrote the gorgeous and luxurious cocktail ‘bible’  with longtime home bartending partner in crime Tom Morgan.

The Home Bar Guide to Tropical Cocktails is an amazing insight into this world from a real insider –  Over the years, she’s probably met the creme de la creme of the California Tiki community at major events including Tiki Caliente,

If you like a gorgeous tropical treat then this is the book for you. If you follow me on social media then you know that I love a cocktail almost more than anything. When I hit a bar, I spend ages on the cocktail list, carefully selecting the most interesting and eclectic one I can find. Here is my favourite bar in Glasgow- The Tiki Bar and Kitsch Inn

You can see why I think it’s so cool as there’s nowhere else quite like it for sipping an amazing drink in the coolest surroundings in town…

Image result for tiki bar glasgow

Laid out inside for your delectation are 150 original recipes that were served in legendary home bars, such as Kirby’s Rumpus Room in Los Angeles, plus stunning and decadent photos of these secret tiki palaces

Image result for tiki bar glasgow

These cocktails were always just something that I’d be able to enjoy on an expensive night out before – but no longer! This fabulous book provides you with the confidence, inspiration and expertise to have your own Tiki-Tastic night at home and enjoy some fabulously exotic beverages without that expensive bar bill to pick up at the end of the night!

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Whatever your chosen tipple, you’ll find something deliciously decadent in these pages – I’m a rum cocktail lover myself so I was spoiled for choice with all the delicious drinks on offer. The last few days have been so scorching that there’s been no excuse not to look out that Hawaiian shirt and bring a touch of Hula magic to your own front room.

Included among the 150 cocktail recipes are several created specifically for the book, plus the secrets to making decadent syrups such as ancho chili, lemongrass, sesame, and hibiscus.

Image result for tiki bar glasgow

The instructions are fun, quirky and easy to follow and left me feeling much more confident about mixing myself something fancy to sip out on the decking. I’m no great shakes ( !) normally at cocktail making, but I feel like I’ve been able to seriously update my game through using this book and am definitely able to hold my own when shaking up something tropical wen the sun goes down

Venture down to your basement Bali Hai, Rumpus Room, or backyard Bora-Bora and let us help you mix a tropical vacation!

Buy yourself a copy here

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