Mongolia Here I Come!

Having a ‘Blogging Break’ is a weird experience – I feel a wee bit weird announcing it because it feels a bit like ‘Who’d notice anyway’

But on the other hand, I didn’t want anyone feeling like I was being rude not replying to tweets, emails and messages – and not accepting any offers to review or take part in blog tours either

So I’m all packed and Ulaanbaatar, The Gobi Desert, The Trans Siberian railway and Beijing await me

Volunteering and travelling in such a remote place is so exciting and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll hopefully have lots of photos for you and tales to tell when I’m back. I loved reading this book before departure  and definitely recommend it, even if you’re doing nothing more adventurous this summer than looking for a new beachside cocktail

Wish me luck & see you all on the other side!


2 thoughts on “Mongolia Here I Come!

  1. been reading about mongolia lately. it seems like a wonderful place where life is not so complicated. do let us know how your journey goes. i’m putting mongolia in my bucket list of places to go to.


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