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A cold case for Captain Benny Griessel and Vaughn Cupido of the Hawks elite police unit – not what they were looking for. And a difficult case, too. The body of Johnson Johnson, ex-cop, has been found beside a railway line. He appears to have jumped from South Africa’s – perhaps the world’s – most luxurious train, and two suspicious characters seen with him have disappeared into thin air. The regular police have already failed to make progress and others are intent on muddying the waters.

Meanwhile in Bordeaux, Daniel Darret is settled in a new life on a different continent. A quiet life. But his skills as an international hit-man are required one more time, and Daniel is given no choice in the matter. He must hunt again – his prey the corrupt president of his homeland. Three strands of the same story become entwined in a ferocious race against time – for the Hawks to work out what lies behind the death of Johnson, for Daniel to evade the relentless Russian agents tracking him, for Benny Griessel to survive long enough to take another huge step in his efforts to piece together again the life he nearly destroyed – and finally ask Alexa Bernard to marry him.

I was really intrigued to read this book as I’d heard so much about Deon Meyer yet he was wholly new to me as a writer – thank you so much to Jenny Platt for inviting me onto the tour and introducing me to a writer who I’d definitely never have picked up before this opportunity – thanks so much!

Am happy to report that in this case, this hype was wholly deserved and I tore through this book in record speed – and not just because I wanted to get the review in on time – but because I simply could NOT put it down.

One of the things I loved about this book is that just when you think you know exactly where you are, Deon Meyer provides his reader with the perfect blend of an intriguing mystery and high-octane thrills and I was definitely at his mercy as I zipped through this book. He’s a deft plotter and as readers, we are definitely given lots to think about as there is SO much going on throughout this gripping and twisty read.

This book was totally different to my normal reading habits and I think I enjoyed it all the more for that very fact – I was so caught up in this million mile an hour tale  and have been telling everyone about it – I also totally loved the setting across two very different continents and have been daydreaming about running off to South Africa/ Bordeaux since I finished reading it last week – It really jumped to the top of my TBR as the eye-catching cover made me want to get stuck in right away.




It feels like a fantastic movie as it unfolds and I feel like it would be the perfect movie adaptation in the near future – I hope that my wishes do come true and I already can’t wait to see how its casting and setting matches up with my own ‘casting’ in my mind’s eye. I want to see if Benny Griessel matches up to my idea of him…

Its meaty story line takes us into the dark heart of humanity and I can’t wait to go back now and read the rest of these; it reminded me of ‘Mission Impossible’ and maintains the same level of suspense and intrigue as we try and navigate ourselves to its conclusion. I loved the character of Daniel Darret and I think that it’s precisely because the people in this gripping read do feel so real and convincing that the rest of the events in the novel feel so plausibly horrifying…



I really fell for fact that this novel maintains its multi-strand approach so compellingly  which added to the feeling of authenticity for me. Daniel is a perfect protagonist as he’s got just enough of the ‘unknowable’ about him to keep us intrigued–  I found myself staying up too late to get to the end of one more chapter, before being swept away to another location and kept on my toes quite masterfully as the novel unfolded.



Deon Meyer has created a fantastic, original and addictive read: I  really did stay up way too late last week to finish it.  I absolutely loved the fact that it was just as strong on character as it was on plot as there are so many thrillers out there with very two-dimensional characters that are hard to care about and that really detracts from the reading experience for me.  I have a ‘no spoiler’ policy so you’re just going to have to read #TheLastHunt for yourself to find out exactly how addictive it is!

This novel comes unhesitatingly recommended by me. It’s a  pageturner in every sense of the word and it’s definitely one that I’m certain will be on lots of people’s ‘best thriller of the year’ list at the end of 2019

Buy yourself a copy here and read it before everyone else does

The undisputed champion of South African crime. Meyer grabs you but the throat and never lets you go (Wilbur Smith)

Meyer weaves a web of intrigue, deception thrills and violence in as good a murder mystery/police procedural as you’re likely to read. The richly drawn characters are flesh and blood and the plots all too realistic… quite brilliant (Crime Review)

From its startling opening to its tense and thrilling conclusion, Deon Meyer’s The Last Hunt takes you on a whirlwind safari across two continents. In the whole of the Benny Griessel series so far, the stakes have never been higher or the odds so much against (Peter Robinson)


Praise for Deon Meyer

Compelling, action-packed and fraught with emotion. At its heart it is a powerful exploration of humanity at its best and worst and bears favourable comparison with landmarks of the genre such as Stephen King’s The Standand Cormac McCarthy’s The RoadSimply stunning. (Daily Express)



Writer On The Shelf

Deon Meyer

Deon Meyer lives near Cape Town in South Africa. His big passions are motorcycling, music, reading, cooking and rugby. In January 2008 he retired from his day job as a consultant on brand strategy for BMW Motorrad, and is now a full time author. Deon Meyer’s books have attracted worldwide critical acclaim and a growing international fanbase. Originally written in Afrikaans, they have now been translated into twenty-eight languages.

THIRTEEN HOURS was shortlisted for the CWA International Dagger and won the Boeke Prize in South Africa – the first time in the prize’s 16 year history that a South African book has won. His novels have also won literary prizes in France, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, and the film rights to seven of his novels have been optioned or sold.

Deon has also written two television series and several screenplays for movies. In 2013 he directed one of his original scripts for the feature film ‘The Last Tango’.

Visit the author’s website at and follow him on Twitter @MeyerDeon


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