Keeper blog tour

He’s been looking in the windows again. Messing with cameras. Leaving notes.
Supposed to be a refuge. But death got inside.

When Katie Straw’s body is pulled from the waters of the local suicide spot, the police decide it’s an open-and-shut case. A standard-issue female suicide.

But the residents of Widringham women’s refuge where Katie worked don’t agree. They say it’s murder.

Will you listen to them?

An addictive literary page-turner about a crime as shocking as it is commonplace, KEEPER will leave you reeling long after the final page is turned.

So many bloggers and a massive social media presence means that if you’ve not heard of this book, where have you been?

Am happy to report that in this case, this hype was wholly deserved and I tore through this in record speed – and not just because I wanted to get the review in on time – but because I simply could NOT put it down.

I’m so happy to be opening the tour and it’s such an honour when you’ve loved a book so much that you want to shout from the rooftops about it to all the booklovers you know!

One of the things I loved about this book is that just when you think you know exactly where you are, Jessica Moor provides her readers with the perfect blend of an intriguing literary tale and tense thriller and I was definitely at her mercy as I zipped through this book. Sh certainly is a deft plotter and as readers, we are definitely given lots of opportunities to think in many different ways about big issues such as feminism, the way we connect with people in the modern world and even domestic abuse throughout this gripping and twisty read

The clever structure of the past and the present being alternated allows us a real inight into the lasting damage that domestic abuse can wreak on people’s lives anbd as we get to know Katie we can see how much these events have impacted on her and her attitude to the world. I was so caught up in this intriguing tale and have been telling everyone about it – I loved the originality of Jessica’s voice and the fresh contemporary look at the way that the idea of a victim can be very far from the reality of domestic abuse in a ‘lived’ sense.


I really fell Katie and I think that as well as all the women I know would love this book, I’d be tempted to ask the men I know to read it too. Katie is surrounded by people whose stories contain pain but should never be dismissed as mere victims. Letting men have an insight into their world and thinking about the way that some of these actions can impact on people is such a compelling reason to recommend Keeper

All I wanted to do was reach through the pages and let some of them know they were doing a great job at times in the most challenging of circumstances. Even though the subject matter of Keeper can be dark and difficult at times – there are moments where you feel like you are also being given an insight into the resilience of the human spirit and how some people can go through so much and still come out fighting.


Jessica Moor has created an intelligent, original and addictive read: I  really did stay up way too late  to finish it.  I absolutely loved the fact that it was just as strong on character as it was on plot as there are so many thrillers out there with very two-dimensional characters that are hard to care about and that really detracts from the reading experience for me.  I have a ‘no spoiler’ policy so you’re just going to have to read #Keeper for yourself to find out all the reasons why I loved it so much

This novel comes unhesitatingly recommended by me. It’s a  pageturner in every sense of the word and it’s definitely one that I’m certain will be on lots of people’s ‘best of the year’ list at the end of 2020 – and it’s only March so that’ll tell you how much I was gripped by it…

Buy yourself a copy here and read it before everyone else does. It’s definitely even better than the hype that’s growing around it and if you’re heading into isolation, beg borrow or steal a copy to take with you!

Jess Moor’s debut novel made me want to shout out in anger — Val McDermid

Jess Moor is a new young writer I believe in. She has plenty to say that’s political and necessary. And she can tell a story — Jeanette Winterson

Still have a Girl on the Train-shaped hole in your life? Add KEEPER to your list Moor’s debut is a feminist whoddunitSunday Times STYLE

Tense, beautiful and lyrical. Everyone should read this book — Sara Collins, author of ‘The Confessions of Frannie Langton’

literary thriller, KEEPER is a compelling, tense and pacy read, The Observer, 10 Best Debut Novelists of 2020

Keeper is wickedly paced and utterly chilling, making space for the interior lives of its victims and their gradually shrinking worlds, all the while exposing the failures of the systems that are supposed to protect them. As compulsive as it is heartbreaking — Rosie Price, author of ‘What Red Was’

Reading Keeper is a visceral experience … cleverly reminding us that for some women simply existing in a man’s world is more dangerous than anything else — Araminta Hall, author of ‘Our Kind of Cruelty’




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