The Flip Side

It’s love . . . what’s the worst thing that could happen?

When Josh proposes in a pod on the London Eye at New Years’ Eve, he thinks it’s perfect.

Until she says no.

And they have to spend the next 29 excruciating minutes alone together.

His life is falling apart.

Realising he can’t trust his own judgment, Josh decides from now on he will make every decision through the flip of a coin.

Maybe the coin will change his life forever.

Maybe it will help him find the girl of his dreams . . .

The Flip Side is available in ebook and paperback now. You can purchase your copy using the link below.

In The Flip Side James Bailey shows his talent for illuminating the tiny and everyday details which make us human. He is the kind of writer who makes us laugh whilst reminding us of the ridiculousness, humiliation and the pain, of being alive and this book is just the thing to turn to when you are feeling like there is nothing around you but bad news. It will be a charming and uplifting reminder to you that life isn’t all bad and that even in the worst moments of your life it’s important to remember that the only way is up…

Am so happy to be on today’s Blog Tour of #TheFlipSide today and it’s an actual tour today because I’m posting this from gorgeous Ayrshire this morning on a rare day away from school this term It’s wonderful to be curled up with a great book after a windy walk. The wood burning stove is lit and the gin is poured. What could be a better way to relax after a few challenging weeks restarting school after the lockdown?

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I absolutely loved this book. It’s a warm and uplifting read that will genuinely draw you in and let you feel part of Josh’s ups and downs on the flip side as he tries to navigate life and all the curveballs that it throws him at the flip of a coin. I mean, what could go wrong?

Josh was a fantastic character that you can totally believe in. When I was reading about his decision to abandon himself to the fates after his own judgements seems to have got him precisely nowhere positive so far it’s an easy sentiment to connect with – I’m sure lots of you will have had that feeling when you think you’re totally unable to make a positive decision as everything keeps backfiring and you end up in situations that you could never have anticipated. The adventures he ends up having through his flirtation with serendipity you will be creasing up, hearing about some of the situations she finds himself caught up in.

Josh’s journey through the ensuing mayhem and his journey towards beginning to trust his own judgement again is one of the best things about this book. You will have had lots of these moments yourself where you’ve ended up coming through a set of bad experiences stronger and more capable because of the tough stuff you’ve had to navigate. It was a refreshing perspective to hear this from the perspective of a male character and I’m sure that many readers will be reassured to discover that whatever gender you are it is difficult to steer the path of true love at times and there will be many occasions where it feels that you can’t do right from wrong.

There were loads of moments in Josh stumbling towards happiness and tripping up often along the way that I really connected with – his odd reflections and off-the-cuff comments are totally unique and I found some of them absolutely hilarious. His off beam journey is sweet, engaging and laugh-out-loud funny and there are plenty of awkward and memorable moments that you will enjoy as much as I did.

James Bailey knows what makes people tick.  This book presents a picture of a man who just wants what we are all after – to find and know happiness and we can all connect with that. I’m not alone in my enjoyment of The Flip Side When you read the reviews below, you’ll see that lots of other people loved it too– so you don’t just have to take MY word for it…

Buy yourself a copy here and take a punt on this enjoyable and feel good romantic read

Thanks so much to Sriya for inviting me on the tour and cheering me up in my back to school stress month!


‘Utterly adorable and romantic. I feel uplifted!’ GIOVANNA FLETCHER

‘It made me laugh out loud, cry my heart out and put a great big grin on my face’ 5***** Reader Review

‘I devoured this book in a few hours and couldn’t put it down . . . a laugh-out-loudheart-warming romantic comedy that will leave you pondering whether you could ever leave fate up to the flip of a coin’ *****

‘It’s always a good sign when a story has me laughing out loud from the first few chapters!‘ *****

‘It was fantastic! A perfect summer read!!‘ *****

‘A lovely story for modern times with lovely characters throughout’ *****

‘A hilarious book that I enjoyed reading from beginning to end. There wasn’t a dull moment‘ *****

‘A lovely, laugh out loud romcom … I read The Flip Side in two sittings, and didn’t want it to end’ *****

Writer On The Shelf

James Bailey

James Bailey was born in Bristol, and currently lives and works in his home city. A graduate of King’s College London, James has previously carried the Olympic Torch, made a speech at the House of Commons, and worked as a red carpet reporter. The Flip Side is his debut novel.

James can be found on Instagram @JamesBaileyWrites, and at

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