Eudora Honeysett Readalong

I became involved in the fabulous Eudora Honeysett is Quite Well Thank You readalong this week because Claire Fenby from @OneMoreChapter emailed me and made it sound so tempting that I definitely wanted to get involved.

Eudora Honeysett is an 85 year old from London who has quite literally had enough of all this, thank you very much. She reassures people that this is not because she’s low or feeling ‘down’ – it’s because she knows that she’s reached the end of the road and wants it all to end. She decides that the time has come to plan a trip to Switzerland and starts to methodically plan the last chapter of her life.

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You might be thinking that this sounds altogether too morbid a read to be heading into in the middle of a global pandemic – but that’s where you’d be wrong. Because you haven’t taken Rose into account in your summation of this book.

Ruth Hogan, The Keeper of Lost Things, Eleanor Oliphant, Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine,

Rose is a 10 year old girl who just wants to know what’s going on with Eudora and does her very utmost to change things for Eudora. Although she fels resistant to this interference at fist, eventually Eudora does let her in – both literally and metaphorically and that’s when the magic begins to happen – for both of them. Once Stanley comes into the mix, the three of them form an indomitable team that despite their many differences can come together and start to look life squarely in the eye – and start living.

Eudora Honeysett is Quite Well Thank You is not only a wonderful and heartwarming read – it’s also one that makes you think about big questions about the family we choose for ourselves and the nature of happiness and living your life to the full. I dare you not to fall for this trio as they will sprinkle a little bit of their unique magic into the heart of even the most curmudgeonly reader.

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I’d like to thank Annie Lyons, Harper Collins and everyone involved in the Readalong for the chance to talk about this unique, memorable and sparkly read – buy yourself a copy and feel a touch of its magic for yourself

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‘I have to say this is the best book that I have ever read! Being in my 40s I’ve read a lot of books!’ Lyn

‘One of those that I will always remember…it really has touched me like no other book has’ Sylvia

‘I read this book in one sitting because the characters were so real I didn’t want to leave them’ Cheryl

‘One of the most uplifting and heartwarming books of 2020’ Kelly

Absolutely the book we need right now…Uplifting, warm and all about the power of friendship, this book felt like a tonic to the madness of the world’ Andi

‘One heroine I will never forget…We all need friends like Eudora, Stanley and Rose in our lives. Their kindness is a shining light in these stormy times’ Celia Anderson, bestselling author of 59 Memory Lane

‘Strikes a winning balance, reaching deep feelings while avoiding the traps of sentimentality’ Publishers Weekly

Unique and wonderful…a sensitive examination of human connections’ Kirkus Reviews

‘A thoroughly enchanting feel-good read’ Booklist

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