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Adam Ferranti was a talented American journalist, who moved to England to escape the issues surrounding his fall from glory at the Washington Post; only to be thrust back in it when a mysterious serial killer makes him his confidante. 

DS Stephanie Walker is a member of the West Yorkshire Police. Whilst tough and results-driven at work, she hides the abuse she suffers at home. She finds Ferranti annoying but he’s her only chance to stay close to what the killer is planning next. 

Ferranti reluctantly complies with the Police, but when the killer reveals himself it suddenly gets personal.

Set in Yorkshire, Deadline opens with news of a mysterious serial killer who seems to be casting themself as Adam Ferranti’s welcoming committee Adam has moved here to escape the speculation and feeding frenzy that accompanied his public shaming at the Washington Post – and the last thing he wants is to be involved in another controversial case…

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It’s now cue for Detective Sergeant Stephanie Walker to be called in to investigate this challenging crime. They only have a limited time to get the measure of this cryptic killer and the clock is ticking before they fear there may be another victim . Their suspect, turns out to be more than somewhat inscrutable – despite his propensity to befriend Adam, it seems to Stephanie and the team that he won’t be spilling his soul in a way that will help them solve the crimes any time soon …

Stephanie is under pressure to crack this case and Adam’s involvement ensures that the twists and turns pull you in lots of directions at once. The tension throughout this read is incredible – we are totally in the moment with Detective Walker as she attempts to solve this series of gruesome murders and work out whether the desire to speak to Adam is worth pursuing, or just another facet of a sinister and manipulative killer

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The characters of Ferrari and Walker quite simply make this book. They are both complicated and interesting characters that subvert your expectations as you read. I hate spoilers but I will say that many parts of this novel had me with my heart in my mouth – and perhaps not for the reasons you might think in a read like this. It’s not just a straight police procedural – there are elements of espionage and intrigue going way back to the 1970s, with much to think about and keep you turning the pages. Even though they sit on opposite sides of the Atlantic, in terms of their nationalities, there are definitely strong parallels between these two people who don’t like to let people too close – both literally and metaphorically and their personal qualities and back stories make this an intriguing case to solve alongside them.

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This book will appeal to readers who enjoy a story that grips you and characters who are complex and intriguing – this read definitely allows you to get under the skin of its characters and imagine them existing outwith the boundaries of the story. I really recommend this book as a fast paced, dark and page turning read that you will get your teeth into and be reluctant to look up from until you’ve solved the case alongside this duo

Buy yourself a copy here and see if you can join Adam Ferrari & DS Walker in trying to solve this intriguing case. Geoff Major is an interesting new voice in crime writing and I’m definitely recommending him to all my crime-loving pals this winter.

Thanks to Emma Welton for inviting me onto the tour and introducing me to another great voice in fiction. Feeling absolutely spoiled for choice with all these amazing December reads!

Writer On The Shelf

A long time ago, Geoff Major had an idea for a story, whilst walking his girls to primary school. Two years ago, he decided he had the time and patience to try to write the story down. His wife was wholly supportive, so he turned from full-time to part-time for four months and now – 23 years after that idea first popped into his head – it has been published.

As a self-employed business consultant for 18 years and a fundraising adventurer for 10 years (including ski-trekking 50 miles, over 6 days and 6 nights, to the geographic North Pole), he now works for a debt charity whilst plotting his next three books




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Published in hardcover, paperback and digital formats by Grosvenor House Publishing

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