Killing The Girl- Blog Tour

A perfect life, a perfect love – and a perfect murder.

For over forty years Carol Cage has been living as a recluse in her mansion, Oaktree House. Fear is her constant companion. She’s been keeping a secret – and it’s about to be unearthed.

When she receives a compulsory purchase order for her home, she knows that everyone is going to find out what she did to survive her darkest weeks in 1970. She writes her confession so that we can understand what happened because she wasn’t the only one living a lie. The events that turned her fairy-tale life into a living hell were not all they seemed.

She’s determined not to pay for the mistakes of others; if she has to face justice, then they will too.

Carol Cage has a terrible secret … and she’s about to exact retribution on everyone who had abandoned her.

I absolutely love a book set in a mysterious and remote house. I think it stems from my love of Rebecca at an impressionable age – and this exciting and atmospheric read drew me in from the very first paragraph and held me captivated by its setting and characters until its very final page.

Houses with secrets, the bitter taste of retribution, and damaged and destructive relationships – I mean – what’s not to love. I was really drawn to Killing The Girl as soon as I read the blurb  and why I’m so grateful to #RandomThingsTours Anne Cater for inviting me to participate in this blog tour – as this book was just the thing to pick me up out of my bookslump and I read it from cover to cover as I gt so engrossed in Carol’s story and the ‘cage’ that she finds herself in throughout this dark and captivating tale…

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I love immersing myself in a book over a weekend and not looking up apart from to pour another cup of tea and this book answered the brief perfectly. If you feel a bit jaded with books being predictable and same-y then order yourself a copy as you’ll quickly be swept up in this cleverly constructed and really enjoyable read.

I feel like you can totally surrender to this reading experience and travel to Oaktree House to experience these events at first hand. I found it very difficult to detach myself from this book as I was so gripped by Carol as a character. She is totally believable and I loved the fact that the dual narrative allowed us to see her at two very different ages and contrast these two Carols in our mind. The mystery is established from the very beginning as we sense her reluctance to have her garden dug yup for the new ringroad and begin to wonder exactly why she is being so resistant – the writing was so atmospheric that you could absolutely imagine it all in your mind’s eye and every time I stopped reading it, I kept imagining myself lured back to Oaktree House and walk this dangerous path alongside her…

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I really enjoyed getting inside Carol’s head and felt this was done really successfully – this book is not your average domestic noir; it’s so much more richly layered and allows the reader to open up the possibilities in their mind of exactly how far they might have gone themselves, in Carol’s situation.  It’s funny that I get into reading ‘moods’ once I’ve really enjoyed a book and I’m now on a real mystery mission and have been drawn to going back and reading some classic crime and losing myself in examining some of the darker corners of humanity. Killing The Girl asks you how far is too far and whether ordinary people an be compelled by circumstance into acts they might never otherwise have considered – Carol’s actions as an adult are lent more nuance because of what we have witnessed alomgside her in her youth and I feel that this is one of the ways that Elizabeth Hill really challenges her readers to think about all the whys, rather than just the ‘what’ throughout this novel

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I really loved the way that she draws the reader in and keeps them connected with the twists and turns that beset Carol’s life as she attempts to keep the past behind her and navigate through a lifetime’s effects of gasighting, control and manipulation. The way that these elements of the narrative interconnect and collide with one another was one of my favourite things about this book and it certainly does a fine job of not allowing you to put it down as it gives you a solid case of ‘one more chapter’until you are able to find out how this will all end for Carol.

This was the perfect Lockdown read for me – and if you’re still on half term and want something to absolutely lose yourself in and forget about what’s going on in the world –  then this would be a perfect book for you , it’s so immersive! If you enjoy an intelligent and challenging read with credible characters and a plot that will draw you in and keep you gripped then you’ll love Killing The Girl and  should treat yourself to a copy – I’m really looking forward to seeing what Elizabrth Hill does next and think she absolutely deserves the acclaim she’s gathered so far. Follow the blog tour and check out what these other reviewers have to say about this fresh and compelling psychological tale

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Winner of the ‘Chill With A Book Premier Readers Award’ and ‘Chill With A Book’ book of the month for October 2020

Killing The Girl: A story of murder and redemption by [Elizabeth Hill]

Writer On The Shelf

Elizabeth Hill

Elizabeth published ‘Killing The Girl’ in April 2019, which has won the ‘Chill With A Book’ Premier Readers Award and Book Of The Month for October 2020. She is now busy working on her second novel, Killing The Shadowman.

We all love a great murder mystery and ‘Killing The Girl explores the reasons why an ordinary woman kills. What pushes her to her limit of endurance and sanity? And could that woman be you?

Elizabeth is a member of The Alliance of Independent Authors, The Bristol Fiction Writers Group and Noir At The Bar, Bath. She was a speaker at the 2019 Bristol Festival of Literature.

Find out more on her website

Elizabeth lives in Bristol, UK.

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