World Book Day – Welcome to School competition Winner and Guest Blogger Rio Gregory

This World Book Day, my school held a week-long #DEARQVS Initiative which represented Drop Everything and Read at Queen Victoria School

We dressed up as book characters, read in extreme places and shouted loudly about our favourite books

Building a reading culture that helps create the readers of the future is so important to me that I also held a competition to be a guest blogger at On The Shelf Books and I am delighted to introduce our winner this afternoon.

Rio Gregory is an S5 student at QVS who is one of our Literacy Ambasssadors and a committed member of the school’s Make A Difference group. As well as a love for books, Rio is a keen volunteer and charity fundraiser as well as a valued role model in the junior boarding house.

Rio got the opportunity to write about a book she loved, and I am delighted to introduce her as my guest blogger this afternoon. I am very proud of her and hope that book blogging is something that she continues to see as a positive and diverse place to shout about the books you love

Over to you Rio…

Guest Blogger Rio Gregory on World Book Day

Where Rainbows End

By Cecelia Ahern

A story about love. And how life gets in the way.

Best friends since forever, Rosie and Alex have shared their hopes, dreams – and firsts. But one awkward moment at eighteen, one missed opportunity, and life sends them hurtling in different directions.

Although they stay in touch, misunderstandings, circumstances and sheer bad luck seem to be conspiring to keep them apart.

Can they gamble everything – even their friendship – on true love?

Rio Gregory S5

I was really intrigued to read this book since I read ‘PS I Love You’ in lockdown. I loved the way Ahern laid this book out – nothing like I had seen before, it was super clever! I really was inspired by the characters in this story – and how both their lives changed in the 50 years. When the book came through the door, I tore open the parcel and just got stuck right in – I could not put it down, it was AMAZING!

Set in Dublin, Rosie and Alex have been best friends forever, but when Alex is forced to move to Boston everything between them is shattered – then Rosie gets the perfect news, she has been accepted into Boston College, but one-night changes everything and Boston is off the cards for Rosie. I loved this book because of the bond the two main characters shared – with everything that went wrong in their lives, they still had each other but with an ocean keeping them apart.

I praise Cecilia Ahern for her style of writing – throughout the whole story she never uses dialogue. There are letters, e-mails, direct messaging and notes. At the beginning you are apprehensive about if it will work but the more you read, the more you are hooked! This book is perfect for someone who loves a bit of romance, a bit of heartache and a bit of humour.

I thoroughly recommend this book – it is witty, romantic and funny. I will not spoil anything but it is honestly one of the best. I have now read it a good few times and  in my opinion it gets better each time. Whilst I was reading this book, I really hoped they would make it into a movie and they have! It is called; ‘Love, Rosie’. I shall be watching this shortly but between you and me – I think the books are always better! I have to say this book is on my best reads, by far!

Buy yourself a copy here and read it to recommend it

Praise for Cecilia Ahern:

‘Genuine warmth, a few laughs and a happy-ever after’ – Sunday Independent

‘A heart-warming, completely absorbing tale of love and friendship’ – Company

‘Uplifting and heart-warming’ – Irish Times

‘Witty, smart and compulsively good fun’ – Cosmopolitan

‘Brilliantly written, you’ll laugh and cry’ – Heat

‘A winner’ – Glamour

Acclaim for Cecelia Ahern:
‘Warm and thought-provoking’ – Good Housekeeping

‘An exquisitely crafted and poignant tale about finding the beauty that lies within the ordinary. Make space for it in your life’ – Heat

Writer in the Spotlight

Cecilia Ahern

After completing a degree in Journalism and Media Communications, Cecelia wrote her first novel at 21 years old. Her debut novel, PS I Love You was published in January 2004, and was followed by Where Rainbows End (aka Love, Rosie) in November 2004. Both novels were adapted to films; PS I Love You starred Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler, and Love, Rosie starred Lily Collins and Sam Claflin.

Ahern is now published in nearly fifty countries, and has sold over 25 million copies of her novels worldwide. 

Cecelia’s next book is a collection of 30 short stories about 30 women, titled ROAR. ROAR will be published in the UK and Ireland in Autumn 2018 by HarperCollins UK, and in Spring 2019 in the US by Grand Central Publishing.

Follow Cecelia Ahern: on Goodreads , on Amazon,

Visit: cecelia ahern

2 thoughts on “World Book Day – Welcome to School competition Winner and Guest Blogger Rio Gregory

  1. Brilliant review Rio… and although I’m not into ‘witty, romantic and funny’, and definitely regret my ‘ps – I love you experience’, I am strangely intrigued and enticed to read ‘where rainbows end’ due to how good your review is. Well done.


  2. Hi Rio
    Well done to you for winning the book review. I to loved the book P.S.I Love You and I totally agree the films are never quite as good as where your imagination takes you in a book.
    Must purchase a copy of where rainbows end.
    p.s. Rio you look look so lovely and relaxed in your picture. Look forward to see you on your return to school.


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