The Passenger

She takes the same train every day. But this is a journey she’ll never forget.

Amanda is a hardworking single mum, completely focused on her job and her daughter, Louise.  She’s been saving for years and now, finally, she can afford to give up work and chase her dream.

But then, on her commute home from London to Brighton, she meets a charming stranger – who seems to know everything about her.

He delivers an ultimatum . She needs to give him the code for the safe where she keeps her savings before the train reaches Brighton – or she’ll never see Louise again.

Convinced that the threat is real, Amanda is stunned, horrified. She knows she should give him the code, but she can’t. Because she also knows there is a terrible secret in that safe which will destroy her life and Louise’s too…

The Passenger – the stunning psychological thriller with a nerve-shredding climax. Perfect for fans of Mark Edwards, K.L. Slater, Miranda Rijks. 

I first got hooked on Danie’s writing through 20 Minutes on the Tube, which even though it was short in length, certainly made a big impact on me as a reader. I have got right into  20 Minute series and think he is one of my favourite new voices in this genre. If you enjoy the writing of Mark Edwards you will need to check Daniel out through Inkubator Books, and I’m really grateful to Emma for inviting me onto the tour to share my review today with you

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The fact that this book has its roots in the everyday and presents a world that we can all immediately connect with is one of the things that I really enjoyed. The way that everything starts to unravel for Amanda is skilfully handled and absolutely convinces you that you have become part of her story as her worst nightmares start to be realised..

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The weather has taken a bit of a turn for the better, so I was able to enjoy reading this in my garden and feel like spring was on its way – even if it has been just for a short spell. This is the kind of book that you just need to abandon yourself to and just let it carry you forward – hours will pass and you won’t even be able to believe they have! Daniel writes his characters so convincingly that you really feel that you’ve spent time with them, making it very hard to pull yourself away. It’s a novel made for immersing yourself in and I definitely got lost in it in this weekend in this stunning spring weather

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Amanda is a character whose life start to spin off its axis in this novel . Her life is turned upside down in a way that she could never have anticipated and there will be times during this book that you’ll literally be holding your breath.  The way we duck and weave with Amanda through all of the ensuing twists and turns is really effectively done. I loved the idea that we were dropped into her world without all the answers and had to figure things out from the snippets we could gather – as time is ticking and we wonder exactly why she is so keen to keep the secrets of the safe locked up forever

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The atmosphere of tension is perfectly maintained throughout this novel; It’s hard to imsgine afer THAT opener that the tension will be able to be maintained but don’t worry, you’ll be turning the pages long into the night as you willbe as hooked as I was on Amanda’s story. We really are not sure what is going to happen next as Amanda battles to keep a hold on the emerging situation and the tense atmosphere is very well maintained as we try and penetrate the mystery and find out exactly why her life is so secretive and how things will end now that she has got into this unenviable situation…

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Daniel Hurst draws the reader into his characters’ world and turns our expectations on their heads as we try and navigate through this unusual and cleverly drawn plot. You’ll definitely love this novel if you like crime fiction with a twist and a fresh premise that will keep you guessing and confound your expectations.

Buy yourself a copy here and sample this original psychological thriller and it’s hook that will take your breath away – I’m jealous of anyone who’s not read it yet and looking forward to what Daniel comes up with next…

Writer On The Shelf

Daniel Hurst

Daniel Hurst writes psychological thrillers and loves to tell tales about unusual things happening to normal people. He has written all his life, making the progression from handing scribbled stories to his parents as a boy to writing full-length novels in his thirties. He lives in the north west of England and when he isn’t writing, he is usually watching a game of football in a pub where his wife can’t find him.

Twitter: @dhurstbooks
Facebook: @danielhurstbooks
Instagram: @danielhurstbooks

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