The Mystery of the Squashed Self

Are you a frustrated, but fabulous, female business owner who feels like you are losing a grip on your passion, personality and power?

Are you feeling stuck in the traps of people-pleasing, blurred boundaries and conformity?

Are you driven, but don’t feel like you are in the driving seat?


You are self-squashing.

This book will get you unsquashed. You will feel released as the REAL you with a business that thrillingly thrives rather than sort of survives.

Trisha’s book is full of these little moments that you can dip in and out of always coming away that bit more restored. reflective and revitalised. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare to lose their mojo – and feel like their former ‘vim and vigour’ is something that they can never get back. I think that Lockdown had a huge impact on people’s ability to feel like they could reflect and think about the bigger picture – and I hope that the forward movement that we are experiencing at the moment is making people feel like they have time to prioritise themselves and spend some time thinking about how they can get back in the driving seat again. Thank you to kelly from Love Books Group for inviting me on the tour and I’m delighted to share my thoughts today as part of her fab bunch of bookbloggers

I was full of curiosity to read this book as I felt like it would almost be the reading equivalent of giving myself a right old audit and thinking about some of the unhelpful thinking patterns that have established and how I can start thinking in a more helpful and positive way – the eight case studies were really diverse and interesting and I enjoyed this fresh and innovative approach. I feel that I now know Trisha a lot better too – It’s a bit like she runs a virtual Air BNB that I’ve had the chance to go and stay a weekend in and I’ve come away feeling like part of the extended family now… It’s given me the space to think about the ‘squashing’ moments and ideas in my life and consider what i can do to come out the other side from these established thoughts and feelings…

What I loved about the book was the feeling of getting the chance to think about the way I operate and think about myself in a wholly different way through being able to turn the pages and read snippets of her reflections and reflect on my own inner thoughts and feelings through all the different parts of my life and experiences. The time spent away from the page, reflecting on what I’d just read really added to it and I can recommend it to people who think that tey need some space and time to look at themselves from a totally different point of view.

I absolutely loved this intriguing and original book that has a little bit of everything, relationships, psychology, philosophy and everythig else in between You do not have to be a self-help afficionado yourself to get drawn into this book but I think if you’ve ever wanted to start on a journey of self discovery before – and not exactly known how, then you will find much to connect with, think about and delight you here. I kept reading little bits of it aloud and turning the page to a random section which made me feel so liberated and joyous about reviewing it, rather than a traditionally written self help book…

If you are intrigued by my review of Trisha’s writing and would like to read more her approach then definitely buy yourself a copy of this fascinating read. It’s a great way to start a journey into self reflection and I can’t recommend it highly enough

Thank you so much to Kelly Lacey for inviting me along on this unforgettable blog tour, it’s been one of the reading highlights of my spring season so far and i’ll be recommending it quite a few friends who have found lockdown hard, to encourage them to think about making positive changes now we are back to work – and I’m definitely keen to explore her podcast as I found this original and fresh approach very helpful indeed.

Writer On The Shelf

Communication coach, actor and business owner, Trisha Lewis, empowers women to find and be their ‘unsquashed self’ – released from the ‘shoulds’ and ‘self-doubt spirals’.

Trisha has a background as a freelance actor, entertainer, speaker and story facilitator. She set up her communication coaching business in 2016 – at the age of 59. She now works with women starting or growing their own business – with soul and originality.

Trisha pulls on her life and business growing experiences along with common themes in her client work – to ensure her written and spoken resources resonate. This includes her popular ‘Make it Real’ podcast.

‘The Mystery of the Squashed Self’ is Trisha’s first full-length book – and true to form it brings the challenges of 8 fictional, but reality-based, business owners to life. The common link being ‘self-squashing’. Trisha took her own advice when deciding to write a business book that didn’t follow the standard style!

Trisha lives by the seaside on the south coast of the UK with her husband. Her children are all grown up and she has no pets – other than the robotic vacuum cleaner which she admits to talking to.

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