Because of You – Blog Tour #DawnFrench

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock . . . midnight.

The old millennium turns into the new. In the same hospital, two very different women give birth to two very similar daughters.

Hope leaves with a beautiful baby girl.

Anna leaves with empty arms.

Seventeen years later, the gods who keep watch over broken-hearted mothers wreak mighty revenge, and the truth starts rolling, terrible and deep, toward them all.

The power of mother-love will be tested to its limits. Perhaps beyond . . .

Because Of You is Dawn French’s stunning new novel, told with her signature humour, warmth and so much love.


Sometimes a book appears at just the right time in your life – and this was one of those times when I really needed to find a book to lose myself in. I have recommended it to so many people as ‘the perfect book for you’ , talked about it people at my Zoom Book Group and will definitely be buying it as a gift for quite a few of my friends too. I absolutely loved being on the tour for this book and can’t wait to read about what my fellow bloggers thought too…

I don’t think you have had to experience any of these experiences to bond with this book, but by god – if you have there will be moments in this novel that you’ll read and read again saying ‘HOW DID SHE KNOWWW?’  and I think that there will definitely be so many people all over the UK who will be wondering whether Dawn French was sitting behind them in a bar eavesdropping on their conversations as so much of this book feels so utterly REAL that at times you forget that this is an actual novel


I’d like to thank the lovely Kealey for inviting me on the tour and recommend that you follow it and see what all the other fab bloggers had to say about this unforgettable book – this was such a great read to remind me of why I love bookblogging so much – when I get to read fantastic novels like this and tell other people how much they’ll love them too!

Books about motherhood and all the heartache and struggles it can bring alongside it can feel like they are ten a penny – but this one really is different. It’s dark and light in exactly the right ratio to be truly satisfying and there will be moments where you’ll literally be devastated – but by the end the holistic effect is both cathartic and gratifying and I’m so jealous of everyone who hasn’t read it yet…If you don’t have a packet of tissues handy before you start, pop out to the shop and get some in – as I guarantee you’ll need them.

woman and child facing towards sunset

As you will have surmised by now, I literally could not put this book down, I was so caught up in this poignant read and I’m sure you will be too. It really felt like we’d been through this together. Dawn French gets it pitch perfect – there is exactly the right mixture of combination of  devastating brutality and moments of absolute normality mean that everyone can identify with some part of this story– it’s a representation of so many things that are never spoken about openly and will appeal to readers who love getting right inside a story and experiencing the highs and lows of characters in books that will tug at your heartstrings so much that you can’t tear yourself away


I loved the idea behind this book: that in the middle of loss and devastation it’s important to remember sometimes that our future might not always be written the way that we think it is. You will need to lock yourself away and clear your diary as you will not be able to look up until you’ve reached the end…

broken heart hanging on wire

This is the kind of book you’ll be buying for your friends as you will want to spend hours talking about the ideas about motherhood, loyalty and the impossibilities that life can present us with…

Buy yourself a copy here and order yourself a bumper pack of tissues whilst you are there, you’ll need them

Don’t just take my word for it though – check out these other reviews and make sure you follow the rest of the tour

Because of You is the remarkably poignant story perfect for every Dawn French fan, told with her signature humour, warmth and so much love.

‘An extraordinary book – sad, heartening, gripping and reassuringly human’ 

‘The final scenes are so perfectly executed they almost broke my heart. Because of You is a story to cherish’ Sunday Express

‘French manages to pick your heart up with the nib of her pen and slowly pull it apart, heart-wrenchingly, page by page . . . A true writing talent’My Weekly

‘Dawn French is a wonderful writer’Daily Mail

‘Moving . . . French’s best yet’ Good Housekeeping

‘Dawn tackles the big ones – love, death, grief, childhood, motherhood, parenthood – head on’Guardian

‘Beautifully observed’The Times


‘Dawn had me laughing, crying . . . I loved every word’ 5***** Reader Review


Writer On The Shelf

Dawn French has been making people laugh for thirty years. On purpose.

As a writer, comedian and actor, she has appeared in some of the UK’s most long running, cherished and celebrated shows, including French and Saunders, The Comic Strip Presents …, Murder Most Horrid, The Vicar of Dibley, Jam and Jerusalem, Lark Rise to Candleford, and more recently, Roger and Val Have Just Got In.

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