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“The time of reckoning is here, Gorilla Grant.”

Jack “Gorilla” Grant, retired assassin and former spy, is living a new life as a peaceful, successful businessman. But when his daughter is kidnapped in Rome, it is just the opening gambit in a series of events that pushes him back into the “Redaction” business that he once walked away from.

Unseen forces are moving against Gorilla and dangerous enemies from his past are threatening his future, intent on turning a cold war into a hot war. But Gorilla has one rule; don’t mess with my family.  And he’s willing to kill to enforce it.

From the dangerous streets of 1960’s Berlin to a hit contract in Austria, and finally to a race against time in East Germany, Berlin Reload is an epic cold war spy story that spans the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, and throws James Quinn’s anti-hero Gorilla Grant into a mission where he may have to decide between the life of his daughter and the dawning of a new conflict between East and West.

If you love a genre-defying and eclectic read you can really get caught up in that will keep you up way too late reading it, then Berlin Reload might be your next favourite read. I’m always a sucker for any book that’s got the slightest connection to spies and I was really drawn in by Jack ‘Gorilla’ Grant’s story and really wonder why I’ve never heard of this writer before.  I love books that grab me with a real ‘voice’ from the very first page and ‘Gorilla’ is pretty unforgettable! I read this across a sunny Scottish weekend – totally losing myself in 1960s Berlin and the characters we meet in this immersive and thrilling read. I now have to go back and read the other three, as I loved these charachaers and setting so much…

Gorilla is a totally unforgettable hero and this race against time is so captivating that it’s easy to forget that this is fiction, you feel like it’s actually happening as you stay up way too late turning tese pages – witnessing the fast paced plot and deadly situations that he manages to get caught up in.

James Quinn has a distinct turn of phrase and uses his voice and way of approaching situations very skilfully in order to make these characters come to life in these pages. This is an exciting and satisfying read, where Gorilla’s exploits are wonderfully realised and his tenacity and resourcefulness is brought to life for us as we experience his attepts to keep life and limb together whilst getting caught up in some extremely difficult choices – with some curveballs along the way.

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If you want a memorable and energetially written book that brings a wonderfully realised setting to life whilst keeping you on your toes with many a twist and turn to navigate you’ll love this book and I know a few book-loving friends who are definitely going to be snapping this up and enjoying a new to me voice within crime and spy fiction.

Why don’t you treat yourself to a copy and find out more about ‘Gorilla’s’ unorthodox approach I’m sure that like me, once you’ve enjoyed one episode of his adventures, you’ll definitely be tempted to explore the rest…

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Writer On The Shelf

James Quinn is the author of the “Gorilla Grant” series of spy novels. A professional security consultant and corporate intelligence operative, he currently resides in the UK but likes to travel extensively around the globe.

His next projects are “Clandestine” – a short story anthology, based around espionage, deception and intrigue – and The Fisherman, which introduces a new character to the world of covert intelligence.

2 thoughts on “Berlin Reload Blog Tour

  1. Many thanks for allowing me to highlight Gorilla and his espionage adventures. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the book. Best wishes, James Quinn.


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