The Storm Is Upon Us – Blog Tour

The Storm Is Upon Us is an impressive piece of research and a gripping read. Rothschild’s book reads like a thriller, with cliffhangers that leave you eager for the next episode. The trouble, of course, is that it’s not fiction.’ – The Times

‘An ideal tour guide for your journey into the depths of the rabbit hole that is QAnon, and even shows you a glimmer of light at the exit.’ – Cullen Hoback, director of HBO’s Q: Into the Storm

In 2017, President Trump made a cryptic remark at a gathering of military officials, describing it as ‘the calm before the storm’-then refused to explain himself to puzzled journalists. But on internet message boards, a mysterious poster called ‘Q Clearance Patriot’ began an elaboration all of their own.

Q’s wild yarn hinted at a vast conspiracy that satisfied the deepest desires of MAGA-America. None of Q’s predictions came to pass. But did that stop people from clinging to every word, expanding Q’s mythology, and promoting it ever more widely? No.

Conspiracy culture expert Mike Rothschild is uniquely equipped to explain QAnon, from the cults that first fed into it, to its embrace by Trump and the right-wing media. With families torn apart and with the Capitol under attack, he argues that mocking the madness of QAnon will get us nowhere. Instead, he argues that QAnon tells us everything we need to know about global fear after Trump-and that we need to understand it now, because it’s not going away.

Is the storming of the US Capitol a sign of where QAnon is going next?

This fascinating book is exactly what you have been looking for if you are someone who likes to be served a slice of contemporary cultural & political insight alongside your regular fictional reading. I got absolutely hooked by the first chapter and it’a already been snatched off me by Mr On The Shelf to enjoy as part of his holiday TBR list…

man in black and white fitted cap

You will definitely be intrigued at some of these ideas and wonder why they are not more widely discussed. Even if you’ve never really heard of Q Anon before, you will get drawn into this excellently comprehemsive insight into this global phenomenon and spend a LOT of time on Google afterwards, going down all the rabbit holes that it throws up. – It will definitely interest people who enjoy thinking about society from an alternative perspective and anyone who loves a conspiracy theory will love this book and find some new evidence that will fuel their interest here for sure.

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If you are fed up with fiction, why don’t you go for a palate cleanser and open your eyes to something completely different?You’ll be shocked at how much you start to rethink things you had taken for granted before and after reading this, I’m sure lots of people will be like me in thinking that we now have the technicolour version, rather than just seeing cotemporary politics through a black & white lens

man wearing Donald Trump mask standing in front of White House

The book is set out in well-researched sections that provide you with much for for thought as you learn to open up your mind and realise that the way we are fed facts by the news channels might be leaving out just as much as it’s including… I found myself thinking about the book even ehen I’d laid it to the side and found its clear explanations and uncomplicated language really easy to read and got lost in it one sunny morning last week – before I knew it it was mid afternoon and I was absolutely hooked. There is a lot of fascinating stuff here and once I’d started, i just couldn’t stop…

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It was really interesting to consider how much my attitude changed towards certain events and personalities through reading this book and it’ll certainly shake things up at the dinner parties of the nation. This is a book you can dip into and will want to read aloud to people at many points as some of the insights here are just fascinating. I will definitely be using it at school and hopefully it will provoke a lot of discussion about perspective and the way we look at leadership, political reporting and the age of the ‘war on truth’

If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth printed wall taken at daytime

I love reviewing non fiction and I’ve been sent some amazing non fiction reads on eclectic subjects from earthquakes to serial killers – but I do have to say I found this one of the most fascinating and informative reads of this year and it would make a fabulous gift as it’s as beautifully written as it is thought-provoking.

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Treat yourself to a copy here and enjoy a slice of this thought provoking and important take on the way the world operates in the present day. It’s a great read and will educate as much as it entertains. A five star Summer non fiction read for those who like a bit of edification with their holiday reading

Writer On The Shelf

MIKE ROTHSCHILD is a journalist, author, and the foremost expert in this ever-changing QAnon conspiracy theory.

He is a contributing writer for the Daily Dot, where he explores the intersections between internet culture and politics through the lens of conspiracy theories.

As a subject matter expert in the field of fringe beliefs, Mike has been interviewed by the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and Yahoo – among many others.

He is also a frequent speaker, and podcast and radio guest on the topic of conspiracy theories, including NPR’s weekly show “On the Media” and a Vice documentary.

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