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Vanessa has always found it easy to pretend to be somebody different, somebody better. When things get tough in her real life, all she has to do is throw on some nicer clothes, adopt a new accent and she can escape.

That’s how it started: looking round houses she couldn’t possibly afford. Harmless fun really. Until it wasn’t.

Because a man who lived in one of those houses is dead.

And everyone thinks Vanessa killed him..

Secrets and Lies always make for an intoxicating read – and I absolutely loved this immersive and enjoyable journey into Vanessa’s dream life as it transforms into her worst nightmare  As soon as I started reading The Perfect Lie, it made me want tocast aside all of the other books on my TBR and dive in and let me tell you, Nuala Ellwood did not disappoint

If you read my blog, you’ll know that I love a novel that asks us to think about our own lives and put ourselves in the place of the characters that we are reading about. When this is well done, it’s my favourite kind of book – but it can be notoriously difficult to pull off effectively. Often, I’ve been left disappointed by an uneven narrative or I’d feel unconvinced and put the book to one side.

low-angle photography of brown mansion under a cloudy sky during daytime

The Perfect Lie is fortunately not one of those books: the story of Vanessa is totally engrossing and I could absolutely imagine myself in her shoes as I can imagine few things more fascinating than viewing houses that I’m never going to live in. I got totally caught up in the way the story unfolds after she sees a listing for the home of children’s author, Geoffrey Rivers, whose books were important to her childhood, and feels compelled to view it. I thoroughly enjoyed the way that I had to stay on my toes to keep up with the twists and turns of this original and clever read. The gorgeous cover with its intriguing tagline ‘she’d kill to get it’ ensured that I devoured this novel in one greedy gulp and I lost myself in it during my first weekend of the summer break.

I think that part of its success is that it never really gives too much away so you find yourself obsessing about what kind of tiny ‘tells’ might be hidden in the text that might give the next part away – you’ll have great fun doing so as the story rattles along at a cracking pace as you try to second-guess the tapestry of truth, lies and evasions. I like the fact that we are constantly made to think about the ways that the decisions and choices we make – even the ones we make out of necessity – can often come back to haunt us in ways that we might not expect – and Vanessa certainly finds this out to her peril…

If you love novels that throw you in at the deep end and ask you to try and work out the truth then you will definitely find much to love here. You don’t have to be a true crime addict like me to fall in love with this engrossing psychological thriller. I thoroughly recommend The Perfect Lie to anyone looking for a book that will keep you up way too late and give you a few sleepless nights all of your own. I loved the way that it kept me on my toes and that’s what made me recommend it to our book group as I know that lots of our members love a book like this

This is a summer read to be enjoyed in one gulp, if you get the opportunity – set aside a rainy Sunday, clear your diary and give yourself a real treat.

So many of my favourite bloggers are on this tour -so make sure you check out their reviews too

Thanks to Penguin’s Ellie Hudson for inviting me to take part in the blog tour and for my copy of the book.

The Perfect Lie is available now. Click here to order yourself a copy here

‘A gripping, poignant novel … I read it in one sitting‘ Rosamund Lupton

‘A clever, twisty plot that takes psychological mind games to a new level. Nuala Ellwood has done it again!’ Jane Corry

‘This book will take all your expectations and upend them, making you question everything you thought you knew‘ Emma Kavanagh

Brilliantly compulsive and with one hell of a twist! I was consumed until the final heartbreaking page’ Claire Douglas

Absolutely brilliant – excitingclever, it deserves to be a bestseller‘ Priscilla Masters

Writer On The Shelf

Nuala Ellwood is the author of three best selling novels: My Sister’s Bones ,for which she was selected as one of the Observer’s New Faces of Fiction 2017, Day of the Accident and the House on the Lake. Nuala lives in York with her young son.

 Twitter @NualaWrites #ThePerfectLife @VikingBooksUK

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