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In 2016, desperate for a drastic change, Bex Band decided to walk the length of Israel with her husband: a 1000km trek including a dangerous crossing through the vast Negev desert. She’d never done anything like it before and the experience changed her life, building back her confidence and self-esteem.

Three Stripes South tells the story of this transformative adventure – battling heat, exhaustion, self-doubt and prejudice – and the new life Bex built for herself when she got home, founding the Love Her Wild women’s adventure community.

‘Lacking confidence is something that a lot of women can relate to’ says Bex. ‘For me personally, it began at school with undiagnosed dyslexia and bullying. This fed into my adult years where I found myself in a vicious cycle of unhappy jobs and bouts of depression. I had low self-esteem and a belief that I really wasn’t capable of achieving much in life.’

Fast forward to today and Bex has transformed her life, tackling gender inequality in adventure travel, and championing women in the outdoors through regular talks, blogging and leading women on adventures all over the world. Nominated for multiple awards for her work advocating women in adventure, her story is an inspiration.


Three Stripes South is written by Bex Band and tells the story of a 1000km trek that has inspired thousands of women to ‘Find Their Wild’ and push themselves out of their comfort zone…

Right up until the point where she embarks upon her unforgettable journey, Bex is living a rather ordinary life that does not indicate at all her propensity for adventure and achievement. Her desire for ‘something more’ propels her towards this unforgettable adventure and this book allows you to experience it vicariously alongside her.

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Bex hits upon the idea to hike a 1000km trail through Israel, right through the indomitable Negev desert and see just how much her courage, tenacity and spirit of adventure will be tested on this unforgettable journey.

Although he has never had this yearning, when she suggests it to her husband Gil he is definitely up for the challenge and they decide that they will both take a career break and head off together on this epic adventure of a lifetime.

Bex Band takes uswith her as they navigate the ups and downs – both literally and metaphrically of the 52-day hike of the Israel National Trail, all the way to Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba.

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The 52 days is full of unique challenges and experiences – which spring to life right off the page in Three Stripes South. The time and space to really think about her life and what she wanted on the trip ultimately led to her creating the UK’s largest female adventure community, Love her Wild, which was an unexpected result of this opportunity to find her own voice and ambitions whilst pushing herself in a wholly unexpected way

My own travels in Mongolia and China a few years ago gave me a similar space and freedom to experience the natural world in a wholly different way and I found much to connect with across these vividly written pages. Who knows, you might even be tempted to set off on your own mini adventure after being inspired by Bex and her journey into the unknown…

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If you enjoy a great non fiction read and fancy reading something that is really different and will allow you to reflect like Bex on where your life is going and where you’d like to be in 5 years, you’ll find this book really inspiring and should order yourself a copy without delay.

Three Stripes South is published by Bradt and you can buy a copy here

Happy Reading and I very much hope that more of you are inspired by Bex to Find your own Wild!

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Writer On The Shelf

Bex Band

Bex Band is a full-time adventurer and conservationist. She founded the UK’s largest women’s adventure community, Love Her Wild. Her previous adventures include thru hiking the 1000km Israel National Trail, kick-scooting the length of the USA and kayaking the width of the UK against plastic pollution.

Bex has been recognised by Business Leader as UK’s top 30 inspirational entrepreneurs and was award the Next Generation Award by Enterprise Nation. For her work advocating women in adventure she has been shortlisted for a National Diversity Award and in 2018 was given ‘Legacy Maker’ status on the San Miguel ‘Alternative Rich List’.

You can follow Bex on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (@Bex_Band) or via her blog, which has had over a 1.3million readers:

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