The Wedding Party Blog Tour

Till death do us part . . .

Lucy has dreamt of her wedding day for as long as she can remember.

And now the day is almost here. Her nearest and dearest are gathered on an idyllic Greek island and she just knows it’s going to be perfect. It has to be.

But even the best-laid plans can go horribly wrong. Why are her parents behaving so strangely? Why won’t the rather odd lady from the airport stop hanging around? Who is the silent stranger her sister brought as a plus-1?

And then they find the body.

It’s going to be a day to remember.

I absolutely love a book set abroad, where I can imagine checking in alongside all the characters and working out which of the residents are to be trusted and which ones have arrived with a few skeletons in their luggage! I also love books set in other countries at the moment since we are not able to literally travel abroad – and Tammy Cohen is one of the writers that I regularly enjoy vicariously ‘travelling’ with as some of my favourite reads of hers have taken me to Egypt and onboard a cruise ship alongside her fabulous cast of characters.

In ‘The Wedding Party’ once again, she has done an amazing job of letting me pack my bags and arrive at Kefalonia with Lucy and her guests and be a member of the wedding right alongside them – this pageturning and atmospheric read drew me in from the very first paragraph and held me captivated by its gorgeous setting and twisty plot until its very final page.

houses near body of water during daytime

There’s nothing more likely to spoil your trip to an amazing overseas wedding than finding a body – and a sense that this is only the start of it – as this set of nuptials certainly gets your pulse racing right from the start, for all the wrong reasons. When Lucy and Jason book their exotic Greek wedding, they were definitely not planning on the events that began to unfold. As the guests gather, so too do the number of secrets and undercurrents that are swirling around the forthcoming ‘happy event’

Tammy Cohen cleverly scaffolds a tale where literally no-one is being honest with one another, not even the happy couple! The way that we start to hear about events from several different perspectives enhances the tension as we begin to see the cracks appear in front of our very eyes as we work out exactly what secrets are being kept from whom. I just could not put this clever, atmospheric and gripping read down once I’d started and I’m so grateful to #RandomThingsTours Anne Cater for inviting me to participate in this blog tour – as she knows how much I’ve enjoyed Tammy’s previous books and how much I’d been looking forward to this one

I love immersing myself in a book over a weekend and not looking up apart from to pour myself a gin and imagine that I’m touching down on the runway and travelling to a Greek wedding myself – and this book answered the brief perfectly. I loved the way that all the threads of this mystery were so assuredly woven together and the tension level never let up as we begin to wonder just how many ghosts from the past are going to emerge as the novel unfolds.

aerial photo of houses beside sea

I feel like you can totally surrender to this reading experience and travel to stunning Kefalonia right alongside Jake & Lucy. I really felt like I could imagine being a wedding guest on this stunning island and found it very difficult to detach myself from this immersive reading experience that allowed me to plunge into the setting and experience the drama as it unfolded all around me. We’ve all met people like the ones in this story – from the stressed out bridezilla to the guests arriving with rather more baggage thaan the load they’re checking in with that made you feel like you really were living through these events alongside the wedding party I enjoyed the fact that we got to ‘participate’ in the interviews and read some journal entries too, threaded through the narrrative and this diverse storytelling helped keep us hooked on the events as they unfolded – I could not put this book down, every time I stopped reading it, I just couldn’t wait to get back to it.

I kept imagining myself lured back to Kefalonia trying to navigate the truth for myself and wondering whose secrets were going to unfold next. The plot is so cleverly constructed with false leads and echoes that connect, yet mislead that you’ll be addictedly turning the pages like me long unto the night. It’s a book to be devoured in one go as you won’t be able to rear yourself away and I’d absolutely love to see this on screen – it’d bring a new dimension to the idea of a big fat Greek wedding and the setting would be incredible to see on the screen in real life!

Even though this ‘holiday’ was about as far removed from a relaxing beach break as you can get, I still imagined myself packing my bags and heading off to this exclusive Greek getaway myself – it was a wonderful opportunity to escape from everything that’s so unsettling at the moment …and once you’re immersed in this wedding of the year, you’ll not be able to think of anything else except how you’re going to solve it before the final chapter!

golden hour under body of water beside rock formations

I really loved the way that Tammy Cohen draws the reader in and keeps you guessing alongside the characters and attempt to understand what exactly is going on as ‘facts’ become tangled together and questions arise as to who exactly we can trust as we try and navigate the deft twists and turns of the plot. The way that you never quite know who’s keeping something up their sleeve next was one of my favourite things about this book and it certainly does a fine job of not allowing you to put it down as it gives you a solid case of ‘one more chapter’

This was a absolutely first class read– and if you’re feeling absolutely fed up of no foreign travel and want to travel vicariously– then this would be perfect, it’s so immersive! The sense of tension never lets up as you try and stay one step ahead – I hate giving spoilers so you’ll just have to buy it for yourself to find out how all the mysterious strands are resolved by the final page. If you love a ‘locked-room’ mystery for modern times that will absolutely keep you gripped then you’ll really love The Wedding Party and should treat yourself to a copy

woman in white floral strapless dress holding flowers

Thank you so much to Anne Cater & Random Things Tours for aways recommending such great reads. I love being part of the blogging community with so many other fantastic book lovers and being able to share my views on the books I’ve loved is an absolute pleasure. Check out the other bloggers on the tour and see what they thought of Tammy’s latest fantastic whodunnit

Writer On The Shelf

Tammy Cohen is the author of six psychological thrillers, the latest of which is Stop At Nothing. She is fascinated by the darker side of human psychology. Her books explore how ‘ordinary’ people react when pushed into a corner, the parts of ourselves we hide from the world – and from ourselves.

Previously she also wrote three commercial women’s fiction novels as Tamar Cohen debuting with The Mistress’s Revenge which was translated all round the world. In addition, she has written three historical novels under the pseudonym of Rachel Rhys.

The first, Dangerous Crossing, was a Richard & Judy book club pick in Autumn 2017. She is a member of the Killer Women crime writing collective and lives in North London with her partner and three (allegedly) grown up children and her highly neurotic rescue dog. 

Visit to find out more, or find her on facebook or twitter as @MsTamarCohen or on Instagram as @tammycohenwriter

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