See No Evil Blog Tour

The brilliantly dark new serial killer thriller from one of British crime writing’s freshest stars – perfect for fans of Chris Carter, Karin Slaughter and M.W. Craven.

Two men are found dead in London’s Battersea Park. One of the bodies has been laid out like a crucifix – with his eyes removed and placed on his open palms.

Detective Inspector Grace Archer and her caustic DS, Harry Quinn, lead the investigation. But when more bodies turn up in a similar fashion, they find themselves in a race against time to find the sadistic killer.

The hunt leads them to Ladywell Playtower in Southeast London, the home to a religious commune lead by the enigmatic Aaron Cronin. Archer and Quinn suspect Cronin’s involvement but his alibis are watertight, and the truth seemingly buried. If Archer is to find the killer, she must first battle her way through religious fanatics, London gangsters – and her own demons . . .

After reading the extremely tempting blurb, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of See No Evil and, just as I suspected, I loved the main characters of Archer and Quinn and really fell for the writing style as it really lured me into their world. It’s a difficult genre to create memorable characters in and I really felt that this cast sprang to life straight off the page and I immediately believed in them and their determination to crack this case.

It must be so difficult for crime writers to keep coming up with fresh and exciting plot ideas and I think that this is one of the aspects of David Fennell’s writing that is gathering the most acclaim. You really feel like you get a deep dive into the case with Grace, Harry and their somewhat unorthodox way of proceeding with things really sets them apart as protagonists.

I hate spoilers, so I don’t want to dwell too long on the plot See No Evil as I want you to be able to experience all the twists and turns for yourself – suffice to say that the skilful way that Fennell weaves the many and disparate elements of this case into the narrative is superbly done and remains convincing throughout. I know at times it can feel like the fictional world is saturated with serial killer stories or tales about secret cults – but I defy you to get beyond the fourth page and not be locked in for the ride!

See No Evil  is definitely one of those novels that stays with you long after closing its final page and one that I will definitely be recommending to my friends – it packs a powerful punch and never lets up in terms of maintaining its cracking pace until you close the final page.   I can’t wait to see what Fennell does next. I’m a sucker for a fantastically written crime read and Grace is one of my favourite new crime creations. I can’t wait to see where this series goes and heartily recommend it for anyone who is bored of generic crime novels and thirsting for something really different . 

Away and treat yourself – You’ll thank me for it.

See No Evil is dark, multi-layered and should be at the top of everyone’s wish list. And in Grace Archer Fennell has created one of the most compelling characters in UK crime fiction – fierce and insightful, dogged yet vulnerable, she’s utterly absorbing. Highly recommended ― M. W. CRAVEN, bestselling author of DEAD GROUND

David Fennell is a master of the macabre. See No Evil is a dark, twisted crime thriller that will keep readers hooked until the very last page. I can’t wait for Detective Inspector Grace Archer’s next chilling investigation ― ADAM HAMDY

It’s got everything you want in a pacy crime thriller – a police woman with a troubled past, an evil serial killer, a religious cult and more twists than a helter skelter ― ARAMINTA HALL, bestselling author of HIDDEN DEPTHS

Gripping & eye-poppingly gruesome. The next instalment in Davy Fennell’s excellent new DI Archer series is hugely atmospheric, and frighteningly inventive ― VICTORIA SELMAN, author of TRULY DARKLY DEEPLY

This is the kind of novel that keeps you turning the pages – gripping, unsettling and occasionally terrifying. It ends with the promise of more to come and I, for one, can’t wait. This is a series to savour. ― W.C. RYAN –This text refers to the hardcover edition.

Writer on The Shelf

David Fennell was born and raised in Belfast before leaving for London at the age of eighteen with £50 in one pocket and a dog-eared copy of Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ in the other. I jobbed as a chef, waiter and bartender for several years before starting a career in writing for the software industry. I’ve been working in Cyber Security for fifteen years and am a fierce advocate for information privacy.

To find out more, visit my website:

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The Shot

An act of mercy
Or the ultimate betrayal…
Who decides?

Samira is an up-and-coming TV journalist, working the nightshift at a major news channel and yearning for greater things. So when she’s offered a trip to the Middle East, with Kris, the station’s brilliant but impetuous star photographer, she leaps at the chance.

In the field together, Sami and Kris feel invincible, shining a light into the darkest of corners … except the newsroom, and the rest of the world, doesn’t seem to care as much as they do. Until Kris takes the photograph.

With a single image of young Sudanese mother, injured in a raid on her camp, Sami and the genocide in Darfur are catapulted into the limelight. But everything is not as it seems, and the shots taken by Kris reveal something deeper and much darker … something that puts not only their careers but their lives in mortal danger.

Sarah Sultoon brings all her experience as a CNN news executive to bear on this shocking, searingly authentic thriller, which asks immense questions about the world we live in. You’ll never look at a news report in the same way again…  

As the situation in Ukraine has only worsened, with harrowing images of displaced, injured and missing people as well as fatalities, including thousands of mothers and children, I feel like there has not been such a topical and important book for a long time. I love books that deal with gritty subject matter and Karen Sullivan definitely chooses stories that people need to hear – so I was really excited to read Sarah Sultoon’s second novel as soon as I could: I loved The Source so much and feel delighted that it’s been recognised last week through being longlisted for the CWA New Blood Dagger. The Shot was one of my much-anticipated books this year – Let me tell you that I was certainly not disappointed with this follow up read! The Shot is an equally ‘stand out’ read from Sarah and I enjoyed every single moment of this tautly plotted, intelligent and gripping read.

This book starts with a punch right between the eyes and the pace never really lets up until you’ve turned the final page. The way that Sultoon brings her settings so vividly to life – whether you are in the desert choking back sand and struggling under the blazing sun, or in the cut and thrust of a busy and chaotic newsroom – makes for a fantastic reading experience as you are right there alongside her characters feeling these experiences with them, rather than just hearing about them second hand.

You are whisked back in time to post 9-11 November 2003, when things are just kicking off in Afghanistan. Samira’s London newsdesk has to cope with the unexpected plot twist that members of the crew have been Injured in Iraq and deal with the very messy aftermath. Samira gets taken away from her junior post and plunged into the middle of this very intense situation when she’s asked to keep the line to the Iraqi team’s base open and this is where your pulse will be rising right alongside her as we see her under pressure, placed in a situation that not many people are ever confronted with.

Sami later joins forces with injured Kris – whose experience in combat zones is the polar opposite of rookie Sami’s career so far. Together they are sent across the globe to feature stories that the audience back home needs to hear – but perhaps not every story… This juxtaposition was one of the things that I enjoyed most about this read and is actually one of the key things I enjoy about Orenda books – that their characters are never stereotypically what you might expect and you can’t always pigeonhole them and have a clear understanding of how they’ll behave or how their narrative will unfold.

These two characters’ worlds collide when their story takes a turn for the darker side and we are reminded that the stories we see are always an edited version of ‘the truth’ and the film crew, journalists, and news teams out there are living this every single day, in order to bring us up to date with the things that we feel passionate about before the edit and part of a story that they don’t always get to narrate in the way that they’d choose. We are thrust into a world that will have you both angry and horrified alternately as you experience the depths which human beings will stoop to and you won’t be able to look away. This is a dark read without a doubt, but it never feels exploitative or gratuitous as Sultoon never loses sight of what is at the heart of their story: humanity and the realisation that there are many hundreds of families caught up in situations like this and this hard-hitting novel never lets you lose sight of this truth…

Although I was totally absorbed in the characterisation of The Shot it is undoubtedly the intelligence and deftness of its plotting that raises it head and shoulders above its competition. Orenda reads are my favourites for a reason and it’s incredibly difficult to imagine that this is fiction at times. The story of Sami’s literal and metaphorical journey into the heart of the headlines is so perfectly realised that it was hard at times to remember that these are fictional characters rather than real people whose lives are unfolding on the page and it made me wish that I was able to see these gripping events unfold on the screen and also want to press it into the hands of all my bookish friends – so that even more people can experience the quality of Sultoon’s writing and characterisation.

Sami is a character that feel absolutely real from the very first page. She is a total contrast with Kris in her inexperience and this brings a fresh and vivid insight to the horrors that she is faced with as she comes to terms with the things that don’t always make the headlines. This story really came alive for me and it was one of those novels that you look up from and discover that you’ve just spent the whole afternoon immersed in it, it’s such a captivating and gripping read.

The characters in The Shot are unconventional rather than your traditional news reporter tropes and Sultoon’s own lived experiences definitely show in the realism and lack of ‘gloss’ that we are presented with in this setting. I think that it’s a testament to the strength of Sultoon’s writing that we are so completely immersed in Sami’s journey that we are holding our collective breath by the end as there is so much tension being so expertly managed.   This book definitely refuses to shy away from the pain amd trauma behind the main stories and allows us an insight into the impact of these stories on the agents of news reporting – they too become part of the story as the headlines become the patchwork quilt of their professional lives.

You will definitely find it hard to put this book down as you’ll be so wrapped up in this gripping and brilliantly plotted read – you’ll need to keep reading and find out how it all ends. I can’t emphasise enough that this is a tough and uncompromising read, but it never feels gratuitously shocking and you will definitely find it hard to look away, even when it gets so much darker than you might have prepared yourself for. Needless to say, I’m really jealous of anyone who’s yet to start reading this book as it really stands out in a crowded field due to Sultoon’s own expertise and once you’ve read the first chapter you definitely won’t be able to put it down.

I recommend this tense and hard-hitting novel to people who really like to get their teeth into a story that feels 100% real from the immersive and shocking prologue. I loved the utterly convincing characterisation as much as I enjoyed the twists and turns of the cleverly constructed plot and I know that it’s going to be much talked about as it feels like one of those books that becomes a word of mouth hit – it really is that good!

Buy yourself a copy and experience this unforgettable read before all yor friends. The Source has been optioned and there’s a very good chance that this will be snapped up too! It’s definitely one of my favourite reads of 2022 and I’m going to be passing it on to the Wine Library Book Club as it just feels so different from the competition. Thank you so much to Anne Cater from Random Things Tours for inviting me onto the tour and thanks again to Karen for always making my TBR the envy of all my friends. Team Orenda for life!

‘A powerful story of the brutality of front-line journalism. Authentic, provocative and terrifyingly relevant’ Will Carver

‘A gritty, jarring page-turner’ Peter Hain

‘Passionate, disturbing storytelling at its best’ James Brabazon

‘You won’t read another book like this in 2022! Raw, authentic, powerful … you won’t see the end coming!’ E C Scullion

‘Brilliantly conveys both the exhilaration and the unspeakable horror of life on the international news frontline’ Jo Turner

Writer On The Shelf

Sarah Sultoon is a journalist and writer whose work as an international news executive at CNN has taken her all over the world, from the seats of power in both Westminster and Washington to the frontlines of Iraq and Afghanistan. She has extensive experience in conflict zones, winning three Peabody awards for her work on the war in Syria, an Emmy for her contribution to the coverage of Europe’s migrant crisis in 2015, and a number of Royal Television Society gongs.

 As passionate about fiction as nonfiction, she recently completed a Masters of Studies in Creative Writing at the University of Cambridge, adding to an undergraduate language degree in French and Spanish, and Masters of Philosophy in History, Film and Television. When not reading or writing she can usually be found somewhere outside, either running, swimming or throwing a ball for her three children and dog while she imagines what might happen if…

Life Sentence

Camden mortuary technician Cassie Raven returns to solve another ingenious forensic mystery. Perfect for fans of Tess Gerritsen, Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs.

Mortuary technician Cassie Raven believes the last thoughts of the dead linger like static in the air…

Cassie has always had a strange affinity with death, ever since her parents were killed in a car crash when she was four. At least that’s what she grew up believing…

But that was a lie. Cassie’s father is alive. He was convicted of murdering her mother and spent years behind bars. Now he’s out – and he’s looking for her.

He swears he didn’t do it. And Cassie wants to believe him.

To find the truth, she must turn detective. As she seeks answers, help is to be found in inexplicable places – for the dead are ready to talk.

As soon as I received this book, I knew that it was going to be hard to keep to my reading schedule and be disciplined as I knew that it was going to be something really special before I even opened it. It’s right up my street and I could not wait to embark upon this compelling and addictive read after loving Body Language so much


I absolutely love AK Turner, Cassie Raven is one of my favourite crime fiction characters and I have been keenly awaiting the next instalment of the Cassie Raven show for a wee while now. I feel like this series takes all the elements of the true-crime genre that I love and moulds them into a reading experience that feels real all the way through – so when Tracy Fenton asked me if I’d like to take part in the blog tour, I absolutely bit her hand off and I’m so glad that I did as it was just as good as I’d been expecting.

Cassie is a mortuary assistant with an unusual affinity with death. When she uncovers the truth about her father’s demise, it sets her off on a journey into her own past – where she must kep her wits about her if she is to uncover the truth about her murky family history.

As ever, AK Turner keeps you on the edge of your seat as you start to piece together the events of what might actually happened in Cassie’s murderous family history. This book credits the reader with a bit of intelligence and I really enjoyed trying to work out the facts for myself, among all the elements of the tangled secrets and hidden truths that we are presented with…

Cassie’s personal involvement with these events adds another dimension to the plot as she becomes the centre point for the unfolding drama. The more she tries to unravel the events of the past, the further she seems to find herself from catching a grip on the facts surrounding the death of her mother. This page-turning read never lets up and you will find yourself staying up way too late to try and unravel the mystery surrounding Cassie’s dad and what the truth actually might be.

I definitely enjoyed getting wrapped up in this tale and wanted to keep reading and find out how it all ends. I  recommend this read to people who really like to get their teeth into a story. I loved the fact that it really kept me guessing and the idea of a mortuary setting is a really unusual twist that definitely kept the story fresh for me.

I’ve heard a lot of my book-loving pals saying they are in a bit of a reading slump at the moment. I think that this could be a great book to jolt you out of it! Thanks to Tracy Fenton for inviting me – she definitely knows my reading tastes. All I can do now is count down to the next book in this Camden series as she is a writer I know that I can depend on to keep me turning those pages.

Buy yourself a copy here and treat yourself to an original, compelling and page-turning read.

‘Spellbinding storytelling’ Val McDermid
‘Like Silent Witness but more believable’ Susi Holliday
‘Blackly humorous, with a fabulously one-of-a-kind protagonist’ Heat Magazine
‘[A] gritty novel with an engaging heroine’ Sunday Times
‘Ingenious and sardonically written’ Financial Times
‘Cassie Raven is an utterly compelling contemporary forensic heroine’ Isabelle Grey
‘A fresh and exciting new series’ Claire McGowan
‘One of the best series openers I’ve read in years’ Jane Casey
‘Cassie Raven is a blast of fresh air, striding onto the crime scene like a punk superstar’ Sarah Hilary

A. K. Turner

A K Turner likes to create memorable characters, throw them into unusual settings, and add a hefty dose of murder and a twisty-turny plot.

Her latest book, Body Language, introduces a new kind of forensic heroine – a crime-solving Goth-girl mortuary technician who talks to the dead, a character first launched in two crime shorts aired on BBC Radio 4. A K’s previous series, written under the pen name Anya Lipska, starred a London-based Polish fixer who’s happy to crack heads to solve crimes – which saw her being selected for Val McDermid’s prestigious New Blood Panel at Harrogate Crime Festival in 2012.

A K (aka Ali) lives in East London where she is writing more mortuary-set mysteries. Her day job is producing TV documentaries on true crime and science topics. And just for light relief she is training to be a City of London guide…

Read more about A K’s books over at where you can sign up to her newsletter for news and giveaways.

Tunnel of Mirrors Blog Tour

Rachel Isaacson, spirited, otherworldly and haunted, is born into a rigidly Old World family in New York’s Lower East Side. Hungry for independence, Rachel enters a marriage of convenience with violent consequences.

Across the Atlantic, storyteller, fiddler and cliff climber Ciaran McMurrough is raised in pastoral innocence on Rathlin off the coast of Ulster. His upbringing in a tight-knit, isolated community leaves him unprepared for the subtle political passions following the Irish Civil War.

Outcasts—one by choice, one by chance—Rachel and Ciaran meet on the docks of lower Manhattan in 1928. Drawn to each other in this lyrical story, must they repeat a doomed cycle as eternal lovers?

“Tunnel of Mirrors fires the imagination and stirs the soul…a story to savour that remains long in the mind. I loved it.”
—Sunday Times Bestselling Author of Our Story, Miranda Dickinson

“Humour, emotion, and perfectly tuned dialogue, ensures her people are triumphantly alive.”
—Novelist Janette Jenkins, author of Firefly and Little Bones

“Tunnel of Mirrors is a beautiful, lyrical recreation of the past. With warmth, wit and great heart, Ferne Arfin takes the reader back into the struggles and small victories of a lost world.”
—Toby Litt, English writer and academic, author of Patience

Photo by Pixabay on

Rachel and Ciaran meet on the docks of lower Manhattan in 1928. Outcasts in their own communities – one by choice, one by chance – are they destined to repeat an eternal pattern of love and loss? Or can they break the cycle of their past.

Absolutely delighted to be part of the blog tour for this refreshingly original, clever and compelling debut novel from Ferne Arhin 

If you have been following me for a while, you’ll know that I love a well-written historical tale where I find out something new about a period or a place that I wasn’t that familiar before – and even though I thought I knew a fair bit about Ireland and its people, there was a lot here that was new to me and that, of course, I went down a rabbit hole looking up whilst I was reading this tale. The wonderful characterisation of Ciaran and Rachel also contributed hugely to my enjoyment of the novel, as I got absolutely caught up in their stories of defying conventions and fighting for the right to live your life in your own way.  

Photo by Kaique Rocha on

I loved the way that their run parallel and we see them juxtaposed with one another so we see the way that they chime together in so many ways – Rachel living her life in New York city sees so much commonality with Ciaran in Ireland. They are both keen to step outwith the well trodden pathways that their families, culture and circumstances have written for them and they dare to strive for an authentic life marching to the beat of their own drum.

Photo by Pixabay on

Rachel’s experiences are designed to resonate with some of Ciaran’s experiences and even though they come from different times, places and cultural backgrounds their crossovers remind us that in so many similar circumstances that we have so much more in humanity that joins us together than separates us.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on

I felt really intrigued by Rachel’s story as I uncovered the twists and turns of life in the Jewish community she lives in. Her determination not to accept things at face value, but to follow things up in her own way and refuse to conform in silence or accept her station in life means that you are constantly considering whether you too would be trying to sing and run and step outside the rigidity of conventions right there alongside her. Its very reminiscent of watching ’Unorthodox’ and thinking about how things were for people who try and live in a way that feels truer to their authentic self, rather than just following blindly with historical conventions.

Photo by Vanderlei Longo on

I loved the way that we are able to see more and more of the real Rachel as this fantastic novel progresses and see her as someone who despite being distant from us in time and space is very much a 21st-century woman in her sensibilities. Through her travails, we get to see the way that women’s lives were lived as hostages to fortune and that by daring to step outwith the roles expected of her, Rachel manages to take control of her own destiny that feels distinctly modern and utterly convincing. The social history is blended absolutely perfectly with their relationship, so that you are immersed in these characters’ stories as you attempt to imagine living their stories for yourself and I was absolutely caught up in the way that their story came to life so evocatively through these pages .

Photo by Tatiana Fet on

Ferne Arhin does an absolutely amazing job of allowing us an insight into life for these characters from such different backgrounds but with so many of the same exoeriences and emotions. It is hard to imagine a world where you are transplanted on the other side of the world, and have to step outwith cultural and religious boundaries. I was totally caught up in Ciaran and Rachel’s story and have thought about it non-stop over the last few weeks. I think it would make for an incredible film, you can almost smell and taste the vivid settings as you read and I’d love to see it on the big screen in glorious technicolour from the troubles in Ireland to the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple

I absolutely loved this book – we get so caught up in the lives of these characters that it was almost impossible to step away from reading about them once the book had finished.

I very much look forward to her next book as I loved this compelling read and will be recommending it to lots of people as I love finding books that by far exceed my expectations and turn out to be real favour

Why don’t you follow the blog tour to see what these other bloggers thought of the book. Thank you so much to Anne Cater for the invitation and five stars for this incredible historical read.

Writer On The Shelf

Ferne Arfin was born in New York and now makes London her home. She earned a degree in journalism, speech and drama at Syracuse University in New York and worked as a journalist, copywriter and actress before earning an MA in Creative Writing, with Malcolm Bradbury, at the University of East Anglia. She works as a travel writer and lives in London with Lulu, a feisty and well-travelled West Highland terrier.

Quicksand of Memory Blog Tour

Jenna is trying to rebuild her life after a series of disastrous relationships.

Luke is struggling to provide a safe, loving home for his deceased partner’s young son, following a devastating tragedy.

When Jenna and Luke meet and fall in love, they are certain they can achieve the stability and happiness they both desperately need.

And yet, someone is watching.

Someone who has been scarred by past events. Someone who will stop at nothing to get revenge…

Dark, unsettling and immensely moving, Quicksand of Memory is a chilling reminder that we are not only punished for our sins, but by them, and that memories left to blacken and sharpen over time are the perfect breeding ground for obsession, and murder…

Quicksand of Memory definitely was a fantastic read. A stand-out in an Easter Break filled with fantastic reads – Michael J Malone has crafted a book that you’ll take a long time to forget once you’ve finished it. It certainly had me well and truly hooked and I’ve thought about it a lot since I finished it as it had a really fantastic cast of characters that you won’t forget in a hurry.

One of the most striking things I’ll remember about Quicksand of Memory– and there are many – is that although I was reading it in gorgeous Cettia – in my head, I was very firmly transported into the world of this book, experiencing all of the twists and turns alongside Jenna and Luke in the midst of the trauma and degradation they had experienced. The beauty of the place I was in served to emphasise the darkness that I was reading about and made the characters even more realistic as I got lost in its pages

Luke’s empathic and compassionate nature really spoke to me and he definitely stepped off the page for me in his determination to move on from his past. Michael J Malone definitely makes us ask ourselves exactly how far we ourselves would be prepared to get to the truth, despite the cost to ourselves and our family life.

The danger that both Luke and Jenna find themselves caught in becomes increasingly terrifying – dealing with the ramifications of the past when they are as serious as this, is certainly a predicament that few people even dream of, never mind have to cope with. This was brought to life very vividly, without ever feeling sensationalist or insensitive and I think was one of the things that really made this book stand out for me. I often find that the darker the material, the more unrealistic it can feel – but in Quicksand of Memory that was thankfully not the case.

I also thought that Jenna’s character was incredibly deftly drawn and felt so real to me. Her resilience and survivor’s instinct shine through. Michael J Malone is careful that we do not just see her as a one-dimensional character and I have thought about her often since finishing the book. This book is beautifully balanced and does not just cast stereotypical or one-sided characters that can so often appear in thrillers, but has a cast of nuanced and credible characters that definitely drew me in and held me tight.

I was so drawn into this novel that I was delighted to find my husband picking it up and reading it right after me so that we could talk about it together – Quicksand of Memory is such an evocative read that it was fascinating to see if the visions that I’d been conjuring up in my head were similar to his and we certainly had a fair few conversations about it. If this sparks your curiosity, you should definitely order yourself a copy so that you can see for  yourself

Quicksand of Memory is a book that shows how the past can come back to haunt us no matter how much we might have thought we’d outrun it. Luke shows us the dangers of avoiding the difficult aspects of our past and how burying your head in the sand won’t eliminate the monsters lurking in the shadows. Jenna’s vulnerabilities are also shown in her readiness to seek ‘the truth’ from others rather than looking within herself and the struggles they face as a result of these contrasting blind spots makes for very compelling reading…

I’d like to pass on my thanks to the ever-lovely Anne Cater for inviting me to take part in the Blog Tour and sending me a copy of the book. It’s such a gorgeous cover that at least three people asked me what I was reading on the plane and in the hotel and the inside is definitely just as striking. Get your hands on your own copy here

Praise for Quicksand of Memory

‘Complex, human characters living in a page-turning world’ Douglas Skelton

‘Long-held secrets, complex relationships and an ever increasing sense of menace … fantastic’ Steph Broadribb

‘A fascinating exploration of damage, toxicity, trauma and love’ Sharon Bairden

‘Darkly compelling and provocative … from the outset, whiplike tendrils of disquiet creep their way into the story’ LoveReading

‘Masterfully combines the dark, cruel elements of people’s lives and nature with a glimmer of light and hope’ Fiona Sharp

‘An almost perfect storm of circumstances that lead us to a dramatic and potentially deadly conclusion … an emotionally charged story’ Jen Med’s Book Reviews

‘I can genuinely say: Fiction doesn’t get any better than this’ Book Review Café

Praise for Michael J. Malone

‘A beautifully written tale, original, engrossing and scary … a dark joy’ The Times 

‘A complex and multilayered story – perfect for a wintry night’ Sunday Express

‘Vivid, visceral and compulsive’ Ian Rankin

‘A terrific read … I read it in one sitting’ Martina Cole

Writer On The Shelf

Michael Malone is a prize-winning poet and author who was born and brought up in the heart of Burns’ country. He has published over 200 poems in literary magazines throughout the UK, including New Writing Scotland, Poetry Scotland and Markings. Blood Tears, his bestselling debut novel won the Pitlochry Prize from the Scottish Association of Writers.

His psychological thriller, A Suitable Lie, was a number-one bestseller, and the critically acclaimed House of Spines, After He Died, In the Absence of Miracles and A Song of Isolation soon followed suit. A former Regional Sales Manager (Faber & Faber) he has also worked as an IFA and a bookseller. Michael lives in Ayr.