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Haunted by a tragic childhood accident, Chala’s whole life has been moulded by guilt and secrets. After the death of her stepfather, who took his own secrets to the grave, Chala re-evaluates her life and volunteers at a Kenyan orphanage, where she gets caught up in the turmoil of the post-election violence that took over a thousand lives in 2008. But, although she can walk away from Kenya, she cannot walk away from herself… With a poignant insight into Kenya’s recent crisis, Yellow Room is a drama that explores the power of secrets to run, and ruin, our lives.



Shelan Rodger’s Yellow Room is definitely a strikingly beautiful book. It’s one of those novels that imprints itself upon you as it’s not just a fantastic story, it’s so gorgeously  written.

I actually knew very little about the political landscape of Kenya, but Yellow Room brought it vividly to life as we witness these events alongside Chala and see the profound effects of the post-election violence at first hand.

The colour yellow permeates this novel and the colours sounds and images of Kenya saturate the pages. I teach many students who, like Shelan Rodgers would have difficulty in describing where they are ‘from’ – maybe one of the advantages of this nomadic lifestyle is the innate ability to see any place with fresh and insightful eyes and this novel certainly achieves this.

There are of course many kinds of bravery and I think that this is one of the most memorable aspects of this novel and certainly one that will stay with me for a while.

The quotation:

 Secrets are like scars that heal over a wound that never quite disappears.

is a striking and apt one and I loved the way that the undercurrents  in this novel are managed so as to keep you reading on – as there is so much that is hidden, unsaid or veiled in Chala’s world.

Its always a good sign sign if I head straight off to research the time, place or events after reading a novel and it’s certainly true to say that Chala’s fictional experiences were so deftly handled that I was determined to find out more about the real-life events that she found herself caught up in. Even though the Kenyan scenes were at times brutal and harrowing, the powerful storyline and realistically drawn characters keep you reading on, to find out what answers will be revealed by the end of this fantastic read.

If you enjoy “travelling” to far off places through your reading and characters that draw you in and keep you guessing then you’ll love Yellow Room. I also found Shelan Rodgers story fascinating and you can find more about her by following the Blog Tour and reading some of the pieces by some of the other fab bloggers on the tour. I first became interested in finding out more about Shelan after reading Anne’s piece in the summer, link below:

Anne’s review and Shelan’s piece



Id like to take this opportunity to thank Dome Press for inviting me to take part in this fantastic blog tour after being so intrigued to read about Chala’s journey this summer. If you haven’t read it yet, you definitely should…

My original Blogpost was ‘eaten’ and disappeared, but I actually loved the chance to revisit “Yellow Room” whilst here in Las Vegas for our Anniversary trip. It’s given me the opportunity to chat about it to three ladies who stopped by to ask what I was writing about and they’re definitely going to look it up later!


Writer on on the shelf


Shelan Rodgers’ life is a patchwork of different cultures and landscapes; she was born in Nigeria, grew up among the Tiwi – an aboriginal community on an island north of Darwin, and moved to England at the age of eleven. She travelled to Buenos Aires after graduating in Modern Languages from Oxford, and stayed for nine years. Then another chapter in England, followed by six years in Kenya on flower farms by Lake Naivasha and the lower slopes of Mount Kenya.

Now, Shelan lives in Andalucia, Spain. She has learned in and outside many classrooms around the world, teaching in some of them too. Her professional career has revolved around international education, learning and development, with an emphasis during her time in Kenya on anti-discrimination.







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