Don’t Speak

When a teenage girl is found brutally murdered, DS Amelie Davis struggles to keep her own trauma from clouding the investigation. After suffering years of abuse at the hands of her father, Amelie has only ever trusted one man – her husband Edward.


In the middle of the night, she receives a phone call from an unknown number. The voice at the other end asks:


Suddenly, Amelie fears Edward is not the man she thought she knew. In fact, he might just be the killer she’s been hunting…

As a real fan of an intriguing mystery,  I was definitely seduced by the premise of this book featuring a brutal murder, a missing girl and some shocking revelations – when I discovered that it featured mysterious late-night calls to boot that really sealed the deal for me and it quickly zoomed to the top of my TBR pile. I was delighted to be invited on the tour by the lovely Tracy and Orion Crime and couldn’t wait to see if it was as unsettling as I expected

This book definitely did not disappoint, it pulled me right into the story. I was really intrigued by the premise of the book and wanted to uncover everything that’s going on for Amelie – and where her own life intersects with the mystery.

I absolutely loved the present-day setting of this novel and definitely found the disappearance and the ensuing revelations about Amelie’s own demons that have come back to haunt her. It was intriguing to see which trail of breadcrumbs would prove to be the right one as AJ Park kept me changing my mind from one moment to the next. The fact that each new revelation presents us with fresh clues and small insights into what has happened in the past was a fantastic device and really kept me on my toes as a reader as this novel unfolded

Don't Speak: ‘A master of suspense’ Sophie Hannah by [A. J. Park]

Even though there have been lots of novels this year that focus on people going missing, the writing here ensures that the characters we meet allow this plot to unfold in an original way which makes the story feel fresh and innovative, rather than plowing a familiar furrow. I think that the analogy of a jigsaw puzzle, where you strive to find the missing pieces is an excellent analogy for this book and even the most addicted puzzle solvers will find much to occupy their brains here as it’s so well-crafted.

AJ Park is an intriguing new writer for me – it’s hard to talk about this novel without spoilers, so I’ll just need to tell you that you must read it for yourself. You will be intrigued by Amelie’sunenviable situation and want to read on and find out exactly what is behind this mysterious disappearance and what else will emerge from her past that seems to be having such a seismic impact on the present day. It’s not one of these ‘keep looking for the big twist’ stories that people are getting a little bored of now. It is just that things start to appear through the murk and you’ll not be able to believe you never noticed them…

Anyone interested in twisty reads and who loves trying to work out which characters to trust…or not…will love this gripping novel. I had really high hopes for Don’t Speak and I’m delighted to say that I was definitely not disappointed. It was definitely a book that  I’ll be recommending to lots of readers as I was totally intrigued by its pace and the way it really kept me guessing

The idea that life can be a lot darker and more interesting than you might think on the surface is a very intriguing one. I think that this would make an excellent Book Group read as it would be sure to provoke lots and lots of discussion…

Buy yourself a copy here if you want to get to the heart of the mystery

Writer On The Shelf

A.J. Park is the author of The First Lie, published by Orion Fiction. His second psychological thriller, Don’t Speak, will arrive on 25th November 2021. The translation rights to The First Lie have been sold to publishers in Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

A.J. Park’s real name is Karl Vadaszffy. Karl Vadaszffy is the author of three novels: The Missing, which was twice a Kindle top ten bestseller in the UK, peaking at number 6, as well as a number one bestseller in Australia, Sins of the Father and Full of Sin. He is also a freelance journalist and the Head of English at a secondary school in Hertfordshire.

The Missing has now been repackaged and republished as an A.J. Park book.

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